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What Doesn't Count?

Volunteer service can mean different things to different people. In order to avoid confusion, the CPVSA defines volunteer as a service that benefits the community at large. Some people also use the words contributing to the public good, which essentially means the same thing. Our campus has received the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement, and this is Carnegie's definition of volunteer service. 

Refer to the link below for a list of examples of what doesn't count to assist you as you submit your volunteer hours.

List of What Doesn't Count 

Please note, that some on-campus volunteer opportunities may not count towards the CPVSA. Refer to the MobileServe tab and view FAQ section. 

Contact the Office of Community Engagement at (909)537-5259 or email  with questions.

OCE reserves the right to determine the best way to track and record volunteer service so that it is consistent and fair for all CSUSB applicants.