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Calling all CSUSB Student Organizations, Clubs and All Employees!

Get your organization/club or office/department team together and give back to our local community, all while team building and making memories at Coyote Cares Day!

Elect your Team Leader! This person will be the main point of contact between your team and the Office of Community Engagement. They will register your team, receive update emails and make sure all team members attend the event.  Each team can have a maximum of 20 members. If you have more than 20 members that want to participate, simply pick a second team leader and form an additional team.  It's that easy! 

Volunteers are the heart of Coyote Cares Day. This event would not be possible without our students, faculty and staff's commitment to service. Every academic year, Coyotes contribute approximately 100,000 hours of volunteer service to our local communities. Coyote Cares Day service makes an important difference for our local nonprofit agencies - please join us! 

Coyote Cares

Coyote Cares Day - Groups & Teams

Coyote Cares Day team photo

Coyote Cares Day volunteers will receive:

  • Free breakfast
  • Coyote Cares Day volunteer t-shirt
  • Transportation to and from the service site
  • A worthwhile volunteer experience (approx. 3 - 4 hours)
  • Free food truck lunch 
  • Entertainment 
  • Coyote Cares Day "Thank You" gift

You may also receive an additional gift through our Photo Contest!  Take pictures of your service project and group, and share & tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - our hashtags are #engageCSUSB #coyotecaresday2020 #NVW2020.  You could win a fabulous prize!

What are the service projects?

As the popularity of Coyote Cares Day has grown, we continue to expand our volunteer projects.  The projects address the needs of our community agencies and vary from year to year.  Our community partners typically are community centers, community gardens, food pantries, City Parks and Recreation departments, schools and neighborhood associations.

Coyote Cares Day volunteers spend the day planting, painting, cleaning, sorting, assisting with events and various other tasks around the community. Volunteers will not be notified of site placement until the day of the event at check-in.  Please indicate if special accommodations are needed when you register.  

Attendance Policy 

There have been difficulties in past years with many registered volunteers not showing up on the day of the event.  This behavior reflects poorly on the volunteers, and it also negatively reflects on the image of our campus with our community partners.

Some of our community organizations have become hesitant to register as project sites in fear that the CSUSB volunteers they requested will not show up. We want to include as many CSUSB volunteers as possible, but for planning purposes we need a solid commitment from any team that signs up to serve. We understand that last-minute circumstances happen, so we have developed the following expectation for registered teams:

The registered team must have at least 75% of their pre-registered members present and checked-in by no later 7:45 AM on Coyote Cares Day. Any team that does not meet the attendance policy will NOT be able to participate in next year's Coyote Cares Day. The Team Leader may also need to write an apology letter to the affected Project Site, at the discretion of the Office of Community Engagement.

Please notify the Office of Community Engagement of any team member cancellations at


Coyote Cares Day Volunteers

cody coyote and friends team up for coyote cares day


Day of Event Breakdown 

Volunteer check-in takes place the morning of Coyote Cares Day. We ask all volunteers to please arrive early in order to ensure on-time departure. 

At check in, volunteers will pick up their wristbands, transportation/site location information and Coyote Cares Day t-shirt.  We ask that all volunteers wear their Coyote Cares Day volunteer t-shirt. This not only celebrates our unity as campus volunteers, but also helps our Site Leaders to easily see you at the project sites. This is for your safety. 

The event will begin with a free breakfast and a brief welcome from President Morales.  Volunteers are then dismissed to their project sites by the van/bus number indicated on the wristband. Your Site Leader may ask you to help load the supplies into your van/bus for your project. Volunteers will work at their project site until the work is completed or when it is time to return back to campus.

Helpful tips:

• Many volunteers are planting, gardening and painting, so please wear clothes that can get dirty and closed toe shoes - no open toed shoes allowed!

• Don’t bring anything that you don’t want to carry around all day, including purses and backpacks.  Please leave them at home or in your car.

• You will be outside, so please wear a hat and/or wear sunscreen.  Please wear your hair up if you have long hair and leave your jewelry at home.

• Please don't wear clothes that are revealing, including short shorts.  Keep it classy, Coyotes!

Volunteers arriving dressed inappropriately and/or with open toed shoes will not be allowed to take part of Coyote Cares Day unless you make a last minute wardrobe change!

Please take a few minutes to view our "Dos and Don'ts of Volunteering" video at: 

Overview of team commitment: 

  • The Team Leader will register the team and members (20 members maximum per team.)
  • OCE will send all communication to the Team Leader and they will notify team members of any updates. 
  • Project site will be determined at the discretion of OCE.
  • Adhere to Attendance Policy.
  • Wear your Coyote Cares Day T-shirt at all times.
  • Wear closed toe shoes and read helpful tips. 
  • Get ready for an awesome experience!

Ready to Register? 

Step 1: Select a Team Leader:  The Team Leader is the primary contact for your team and is responsible for submitting the team registration form and communicating important information to team members.

Step 2: Form a Team: Form a team of no more than 20 members. Team Leaders: Please review attendance policy with members to make sure they are prepared to participate. Also, verify that you have everyone listed prior to submitting your registration form, once submitted it is final. You cannot add on to a submitted registration form. 

Step 3: Register Your Team!

The Team Leader will designate the team’s category, type and name. If you do not find your group name listed indicate "OTHER" in all three sections. You will be asked to type in your group name. 

  • Category refers to campus entity (i.e. state, auxillary, student and other)
  • Type refers to campus type (i.e. division, SMSU, UEC and student club/organization, fraternity and sorority)
  • Name refer to campus name (i.e. Program Board, Rotaract @ Club)

The Team Leader will need the following information for each member of the team to complete form:

  • Team member first and last name
  • Team member email
  • Team member coyote ID#

Step 4: Team leaders are responsible for making sure team members know what category, type and name was indicated on registration form and how to complete their liability and photo release forms. Links to the forms will be emailed to the team leader. Team registration is complete when all liability and photo release forms have been submitted.


Step 5: Stay Tuned for Additional Info!