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Dr. Bahk is an esteemed Professor of Communication Studies at CSUSB who has taught and researched on our campus for decades, making our department a better place because of his leadership, experience and wisdom. He has mentored formally and informally many of the communication professors teaching in our department today.

Dr. Bahk’s research interests include: entertainment media effects, digital media usage, and intercultural/interethnic/interracial communication. His articles have been published in books and academic journals such as Health Communication, The Howard Journal of Communications, Communication Research, Communication Research Reports, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Asian Communication Research, Psychological Reports, Perceptual and Motor Skills, American Journal of Health Behavior, Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education, and The Journal of Environmental Education.

Some of the classes he is teaching in the 2020/2021 academic year include 4304 Media Effects, 3301 Media Institutions and 2201 Intercultural Communication.