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Graduate Student Mini Symposium

Communication Studies graduate students presented their research at the communication graduate student mini-symposium

Andy A. Acosta Jr.

Suicide, Read All About it: A Critical Genealogy of the Music as the Media and Hip-Hop as the Culture

Shane L Burrell Jr.

Exploring En-Roling and De-Roling in Virtual Reality

Loydie Burmah

They’re All Going to Cancel You: The Curious Case of Cancel Culture as Manifest in Both Online and Offl ine Environments

Luis Esparza

Indegismo, Sexualidad, Genero, y el Pecado Nefando: Deconstructing Sexuality and Gender in Mexico

Mark A. Reotutar

The Misunderstood Language of Krump

Francisco Rodriguez Ramos

Passing vs Non-Passing: Latinx Experiences and Understandings of Being Presumed White

Brenda Rombalski

Secluded in a Room: Applying Relational Dialectics Theory to Extreme Internet Use