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Seven COMM Faculty and Grad. Students Present at NCA

Congratulations to the following who presented at the National Communication Association convention in Salt Lake City:

  • Gretchen Bergquist, paper: 'Family Socialization and Perceptions of Mental Health'
  • Gretchen Bergquist, paper: 'Exploring the content and influence of parental memorable messages about depression on the relationships of young adults diagnosed with clinical depression'
  • Gretchen Bergquist, panel chair: 'Managing Identities and Impressions Within and Outside Family Boundaries'
  • Mariam Betlemidze, panel presenter: 'Playing with Effective Communication Practices: Female Faculty and Their Experiences of Bullying in the Classroom'
  • Luis Esparza: 'The Right to Exist: A De-Colonial Analysis of Media Representations of Marginalized Sexual Identities' (accepted but not presented)
  • Brian Heisterkamp, panel presenter: 'Mindfulness Matters: A Collaboratory Dialogue'
  • Donna Gotch, panel presenter: 'Communication at Play in Teacher-Student Relationships'
  • Julie Taylor, panel co-chair: 'Research Sexpectations: Conducting Field Research on a Sensitive Topic in a Nuanced World'
  • Jessica Vierra, paper: 'Who Says Teachers Can't Be Funny? An Analysis of the Success of Humor in the Classroom'
  • Jessica Vierra, panel presenter: 'Communication at Play in Teacher-Student Relationships'

The National Communication Association advances Communication as the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media, and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific, and aesthetic inquiry.