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Graduation Check

Undergraduate students must request a Graduation Requirement Check (Grad Check) at the Office of the Registrar (UH-171) when they have completed 135 units towards their degree. Graduate students must request a Grad Check at least one term prior to their expected graduation.

Office of the Registrar forms

To avoid late fees, the Grad Check should be filed by the established deadlines listed below. Graduate students may file the Grad Check by the deadlines below without being advanced to candidacy, but the Grad Check cannot be completed until the advancement is received in the Office of the Registrar.

Grad Check Deadlines
Graduation Term Filing Date (first business day)
Summer Semester February
Fall Semester April
Spring Semester September

Participation in commencement activities is voluntary and is separate from completing a grad check. CSUSB has two commencement exercises, one in December and one in June.

Commencement 2020

Prospective Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020, candidates are eligible to participate in the 2020 Commencement exercises. In order to provide commencement information to all eligible students, the deadline to file a graduation check and be included in the Commencement Program is the last working day in September.

Students who do not file a graduation check within the specified time period may still participate in commencement but will not have their names included in the Commencement Program. Appropriate information will be sent to students.


Palm Desert Campus

The Palm Desert Campus holds one annual commencement exercise in June. In order to obtain commencement information for all eligible students, the deadline to file a graduation check and be included in the Commencement Program is the last working day in April. The commencement fee of $50 can be paid on-line or at the Palm Desert Office. Questions regarding this exercise should be directed to the Palm Desert Campus Administrative Office (760) 341-2883. Palm Desert Campus graduates have the option of also participating in the main campus exercises.

Master's Students

In order to participate in commencement, students completing a master's degree must file a grad check and meet the eligibility requirements specified by their program. For the specific requirements, students should consult their program coordinator.

Refiling a graduation check after registering on Webcomm may result in your name being omitted in the Commencement Program.