I-20 Requests


International students are able to submit I-20 related requests to our office depending on their individual needs. 

I-20 Request Form


  1. Must be in F-1/J-1 status.
  2. Must have Health Insurance hold cleared, as well as any other CISP hold.
  3. Must be enrolled full time at CSUSB, or have a Waiver Request form on file with CISP.
  4. Must be authorized by the Center for International Studies and Program. 


  1. Review the eligibility requirements.
  2. Complete an I-20 Request form and any other items needed.
  3. Submit the completed form in person to CE-356 or via email (if no original is required).
  4. Pick up documents after five (5) working days or request to send by mail.

*Incomplete requests will cause a delay in the processing time. 

Types of I-20 Requests

Type Description Additional Items Needed
Travel Signature Original I-20
Change of Major (adding Major/Minor) International students who make any changes to their academic plans must notify the CISP office and request a new I-20 that reflects the changes. Submit the request to change/add major in the Office of the Registrar (UH 171) first and allow 1 week for academic program update.
Program Extension Participants that need more time to complete their programs can ask for an extension of their I-20 with approval from their academic advisor. Letter from academic advisor for undergraduates and graduates.
ELP/APP/SA USA participants must submit a new bank statement.
Damaged/Lost If your I-20 is damaged or lost, you can request a new copy. Original I-20 if damaged
OPT Students applying for OPT must attend a workshop prior to submitting this request form, in addition to the OPT Packet. OPT Packet, visit our “Employment” tab for more information.
Other Any other requests related to I-20’s not listed on the form will be reviewed and dependent on approval.