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Steps After Being Admitted

Congratulations on your admission to CSUSB!

Here are steps to guide you beyond the admission process.

  1. Clearing Admission Requirements/Qualifying for Full Admission: 
    In order to be considered fully admitted to Cal State San Bernardino, you must submit official transcripts with final grades and course work that reflect you have maintained your eligibility to the university. For first-time freshmen and lower division transfer students, this includes a transcript that reflects graduation from high school. All transfer students must submit a final college transcript. If there are any courses still in progress on a college transcript, you will not qualify for full admission.

    Applicants will be considered fully admitted when an admissions officer verifies that the student has completed all coursework in progress at a satisfactory level.

    Failure to submit final transcripts will result in a hold being placed against registration for subsequent terms and the processing of transcript requests from Cal State San Bernardino.

    All official transcripts for undergraduate and graduate students can be submited in person or mailed to:

    Center for International Studies and Programs
    International Admissions CGI 3rd Floor
    5500 University Parkway
    San Bernardino, CA 92407

  2. Academic Advising:
    All international graduate/undergraduate students will receive a SOAR hold upon acceptance to CSUSB. This hold will be inactive once priority registration ends. If you will like to enroll in classes during priority registration, you must receive advising from academic services or from your department advisors. 
  3. Mandatory Orientation- iCoyote 101:
    The international student orientation, iCoyote 101 is held each quarter for new graduate and undergraduate students. At iCoyote 101, students will learn important information to guide them through their transition to CSUSB and the USA. 

    New international students must check in at orientation upon arrival to the USA.  Failure to comply with this regulation will result in a hold on the student’s account. This will not allow students to enroll in courses or receive services from our campus.  
    Students who do not meet this requirement may be out of status and result in a termination
  4. Health Screening / Proof of Vaccinations:
    All new and readmitted Cal State San Bernardino students are required to present proof of immunizations for measles and rubella and hepatitis B before the beginning of their second quarter of enrollment. These are not admission requirements. They are required of students as conditions of enrollment in CSU.

    For further information on these requirements and possible exemption, please contact the Student Health Center’s Immunization Hotline at (909) 537-7356, or visit the Student Health Center online or call (909) 537-5241.