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Severe Economic Hardship

If you feel that you are experiencing a financial hardship, please make an appointment with the Elanor Perry, Immigration Specialist, to discuss what is best for you.

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If you need more assistance the CSU Basic Needs Initiative supports students' well-being and basic needs by providing access to:

  • Immediate food assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Short term emergency housing

Connecting students with additional resources and support on campus and in your community

Basic Needs

Different options

Non Resident Fee waiver, please contact Elanor Perry, Immigration Specialist.

Scholarships Severe Economic Hardship Checklist Non-Resident Fee Wavier

Special Notes for Non-Resident Fee Waiver

Only a limited number of non-resident tuition fee waivers may be granted by the campus and only under the following conditions:
In accordance with Executive Order 1082 and the coded Memo AA2-2015-17, students applying for non-resident tuition waiver must submit the following documents:
Eligible matriculated non-resident undergraduate degree-seeking international students
(1) must provide evidence of:
    (a) a demonstrable financial need and
    (b) exceptional scholastic ability and prior scholastic achievement; and
(2) must enroll in at least 10 quarter or semester units each term.

Deadline:       5 weeks before the beginning of the next quarter