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Non-Degree Seeking (Transitory)



Applicants who wish to enroll in CSUSB courses and not obtain a degree are considered non-degree seeking students. Non-degree seeking students can attend CSUSB for up to 2 terms. If the applicant wishes to extend their stay, they will need to submit and meet all requirements for a degree seeking program.

Requirements for Non-Degree Seeking Students:

  1. Bank/financial statement
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Proof of English ability


The proof of English ability can be met by completing one of the English requirements below:
Academic Level TOEFL IELTS CSUSB English Language Program
Undergraduate Paper Based Exam: 500
Internet-Based Exam (iBT): 61
5.5 Total Band Score Successful Completion of Level 5
Graduate Paper Based Exam: 550
Internet-Based Exam (iBT): 79/80
6.0 Total Band Score Successful Completion of Level 6
Post-Graduate Paper Based Exam: 600
Internet-Based Exam (iBT): 100
7.0 Total Band Score  

Please Note: IELTS requirement for MBA, MPA and MSA is a 6.5 Total Band Score



  1. Please note that it is not required, but highly recommended that you submit transcripts. The transcripts will come in handy when academic advising occurs.
  2. Please email documents and completed application to: