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Parent-Teacher Relationship

Parent-Teacher Communication

We regard communication between parents and teachers as essential to the well-being of each child in the program.  Should you wish to consult with a teacher, we would be happy to honor such a request—teachers can arrange to meet with you or schedule a phone call at your convenience. We hope that parents will avoid talking with the teachers about their child in front of him/her, or any child.  In addition, teachers need to know of special circumstances in a child's life that influence the child's moods and needs for the day.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The teachers hope they will be able to chat informally with you for a few minutes each day.  However, due to scheduling and classes this may not always be possible for you.  Therefore, teachers are available for scheduled meetings with parents to discuss a child’s progress and any special accomplishments or concerns.

In addition, parent-teacher conferences take place twice a year, once at the end of Fall Quarter and again at the end of Spring Quarter; however, you may request a conference with your child’s teacher at any time. These conferences allow teachers to provide you with information about developmental assessments that have been completed as well as observations made on your child throughout the quarter. Items are kept in individual portfolios and may include samples of things your child has made and pictures taken during differing activity times.

During parent-teacher conferences, information and input gathered from the family is used to help both parties come up with future objectives for each child. Consistency between the home and school environment is a very important component to making your child feel comfortable here. Information about each family’s culture and background is woven into curriculum planning and within the environment to ensure that each child and their family feels appreciated and valued.