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Independent Study (CHEM 595X)

Semester Prerequisite: Appropriate coursework as determined by the instructor, Submission and approval of a project proposal, filed one semester in advance of when the course is taken. Laboratory, field, or computational research, data analysis, and/or literature research conducted under the direction of a faculty member. Department consent and final written report required. Consent of instructor required. Formerly CHEM 595A,B,C. Materials fee required.



Departmental Policy 

Chemistry 595X: Independent Study (X=1-3 for 1-3 units)

  1. Candidates should have senior status or have completed the core courses.
  2. Candidates should have a 2.5 GPA in Chemistry or include in their application for consent to take this course a convincing argument that they are sufficiently knowledgeable and self-motivated to undertake the proposed independent study.
  3. The candidate should arrange, before preparing his application, a specific Chemistry faculty member to sponsor and mentor the work. The project may be the candidate's idea or one suggested by a faculty member.
  4. The candidate must complete the application form (including a research proposal written by the candidate) and submit it to the Department Chair no later than the following deadlines:
    1. Fall semester: 10 days (weekdays) before the last day of the preceding regular or second summer session/ Spring semester: 10 days before the last day in the preceding semester.
    2. The Department Chair will circulate the application throughout the Department and determine the consensus on the acceptability of the candidates' application within five days following the above deadlines.
  5. The candidate should ask the Chair the status of his application before the quarter begins. If a revision is necessary, the revised application must be returned to the Chair three days later.
  6. Once all the faculty members signatures have been obtained, the Chair will arrange for the appropriate Chem 595X section enrollment with a department administrative support coordinator, under the direction of the faculty research mentor..
  7. It is the responsibility of the faculty research mentorto make arrangements for any space, equipment, or materials needed in the study prior to registration.
  8. The final grade is partially based on a Final Report written by the student. A copy of the Report is to be placed in the student's Department file by the faculty research mentor.