Internships and Jobs

Photo of Gema Gonzalez CSUSB Intern at Arrowhead
Gema Gonzalez, CSUSB Intern at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center


The Career Center supports CSUSB students to identify internship opportunities in their field of interest. Internships are essential for skill development and professional growth. Internships can serve as a way to confirm field, industry and functional area interest. Once an internship is secured, the Career Center staff provides students with the necessary tools to maximize their internship experience.

Why secure an internship?

Internship experiences provide an opportunity to explore the field that you are interested in pursuing. Internships create a learning experience for students to apply what you learn in the classroom to a real-world setting.  Internships also provide opportunities to expand your professional network, a source for mentors, and professional connections.


  • Serve as an additional learning component apart from in-classroom learning
  • Can be paid or non-paid and align to students career goals and/or fields of interest
  • Enhance field knowledge and skills making interns competitive candidates upon graduation
  • Emphasize learning, training and professional development through first-hand experiences
  • Provide constructive feedback to enhance professional growth 
  • Confirm and/or explore functional areas within your field of interest

Photo of Miguel Zamora CSUSB Intern at AVID Physical Therapy
Miguel Zamora, CSUSB Intern at AVID Physical Therapy

Internships FAQ 

Where can I find more information about my major's requirements for internships?

  • Find more information by checking your department/program's website and/or contacting your academic advisor for guidance.

What year can I secure an internship?

  • Most commonly seen, internship eligibility begins to expand at the end of your sophomore year. However, be sure to check the internship posting for class requirements.

If you have any further questions or need guidance on your internship search, please contact the Career Center at (909) 537-5250.

Career & Internship Fairs

The CSUSB Career Center offers a variety of career and internship fairs throughout the year. Each fair provides students an opportunity to meet hundreds of eager off-campus employers who are motivated and ready to recruit for employment and internships. 
Learn how to maximize your career fair & professional conference experience by clicking on the guide below: