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How do I make an appointment with a counselor?

Career Centers invites you to join our online platform, CSUSB Handshake. Students have access to schedule appointments directly with career counselors. No appointment necessary for drop-in hours (first-come-first-serve basis and approximately 15 minute session). Students can make an appointment online via Handshake, by clicking “Career Center” and then “Appointments”. Students may also utilize Career Center Drop-In hours. Please note that drop-in hours are 15 minutes sessions and are first come, first serve, no appointment needed.

What is the clothing closet?

The Career Center Clothing Closet provides current students access to business attire for professional interviews and presentations at no cost. If you would like to visit our closet to shop for professional clothing, please visit the Career Center in UH 329 during business hours (8:00-5:00). No appointment necessary for a clothing consultation or to shop.

I am eligible for Federal Work Study, where can I find Federal Work Study (FWS) positions?

Please contact Student Employment by calling (909) 537-5225 or by visiting their office in Sierra Hall, Room 112 for more information on Federal Work Study (FWS) positions on campus.

Where can I find on-campus student employment?

To find the current postings, login to CSUSB Handshake and click the “Jobs” tab at the top of the screen. Then filter the results by clicking “On Campus Student Employment” under “Job Type”. For additional student employment questions, please call Student Employment at (909) 537-5225 or visit their office in Sierra Hall, Room 112.

What is Handshake and why do I need to use it?

CSUSB Handshake is a 24/7 online platform that empowers students to navigate their unique path to success. CSUSB Handshake offers tools for personal exploration and growth such as assessments, internships, interview and professional communication skills, networking, a job board, and so much more. It also houses information and registration for premiere programing and special events hosted by the Career Center for current students and alumni to meet top industry partners and to grow their professional network. In addition, CSUSB Handshake offers innovative online resources such as Interview Stream and HETS Virtual Plaza which provide students and alumni with round the clock access to prepare for an interview, prep for an entrance exam, and more. 

What does the Career Center do?

The Career Center provides resources and programs to empower students to build a lifelong skillset for current and future employment and/or internship opportunities. We offer career counseling and professional development workshops to assist with preparation of your resume, interview skills, and internship opportunities. We also offer many resources, program, recruitment and event information, as well as a job board through our website, Handshake.

Where can I get my resume reviewed?

Students can bring a resume in for review during drop-in hours, or make an appointment online through CSUSB Handshake. Prior to all appointments, the Career Center requires that all students print their resumes and upload it to CSUSB Handshake.

If you are requesting a resume review/job search appointment, upload and email your resume and a job description for a job you are interested in applying for. Send your materials to the counselor you have scheduled to meet with no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment.

What are counseling appointments for?

Career Counseling is an individualized 30/45 minute appointment with a Career Counselor.  This session is designed to help students uniquely identify personal and professional goals based on their academic and professional interest. Counselors are here to assist students among the individual colleges in all aspects of their journey as they enter the workforce.

Appointment types include: resume development, professional writing, networking, job/internship strategies, mock interviews, LinkedIn profile development and so much more!

Where can I print resumes?

Our office allows current students and alumni to print resumes at no charge. Students may visit during normal business hours, no appointment necessary. Printing service is subject to availability. If you are looking to print elsewhere on campus, you can also visit the Learning Center on the third floor of University Hall (UH) and the library. Please note fees may be applied at other locations.

How do I make a donation to the clothing closet?

If you are looking to donate to our clothing closet, please contact our office for more information at (909) 537-5250. You can also stop by during normal business hours to make a donation, or to learn more information about our program. We ask that all clothing and accessories be in good condition and business professional.


I had my internship last summer, can I still be awarded?

No, internship awards are granted to students interning during the semester they receive the award.

Can I apply for internship awards?

Yes, students can apply to both internship awards but may not receive both awards. The Career Center recommends students interning in San Bernardino to apply for the Explore Internship Award vs. the CCIA award. Student in internships at all other locations are encouraged to apply to the CCIA award.

Does my internship count?

Please carefully review the Internship Award eligibility requirements for each award. Should you have further questions contact the Career Center at (909) 537-5250 to speak with the Internship Specialist to learn more.


What are CSUSB’s recruitment season?

CSUSB has two main recruitment seasons, fall and spring. These recruitment seasons are inline with the university’s current academic calendar, which is a semester system. Specific dates and instructions for recruitment seasons can be found under the Employer's section of the Events page.

What are the costs to attend a CSUSB career event?

What are the costs to attend a CSUSB career event?

The registration for recruitment events is $150 for nonprofit or government agency, and $400 for corporate. The price includes registration for two representatives, one table, and two meals. If you would like to add representatives, or request electrical access, the additions will be added to the base fee at a rate of $25 per representative or electrical access.

The registration for recruitment events is $150 for nonprofit or government agency, and $400 for corporate. The price includes registration for two representatives, one table, and two meals. If you would like to add representatives, or request electrical access, the additions will be added to the base fee at a rate of $25 per representative or electrical access.

How do employers/organizations contact students?

Employers and organizations are able to only contact student who are applicants for a posted and active position on Handshake. All promotional communications sent to students are carried out by Career Center staff.

What online job board does CSUSB use?

The Career Center utilizes CSUSB Handshake as an online platform that houses a job board, as well as internships, assessments, special events and more. This platform is available 24/7 to current students, alumni, and employers. Please contact the Career Center at (909) 527-5250 or for more information on how to sign up for a free account and learn more about what CSUSB Handshake can offer you for recruitment and job advertisement.

What recruitment opportunities does CSUSB have for employers/organizations?

CSUSB offers many recruitment opportunities for your company/organization to maximize its reach to CSUSB students. We offer Industry Networking events, Job/Career Fairs, On-Campus Interviews, On-Campus Tabling sessions, New Pitch Platforms and specialized recruitment events. For details on the recruitment offerings, please visit the Engage section.

How do I make a payment to attend a CSUSB career event?

We offer online payments through PayPal for event registration. Please contact the Career Center at (909) 537-5250 or by emailing for more information on recruitment event payment options.