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Build Professional Connections

Why Should I Build Professional Connections?

It’s important to build professional connections as soon as possible. Getting connected to a network of professionals can help prepare you for your career path and obtain information about companies and organizations you might want to work for. 

There are numerous benefits of building professional connections such as hearing about job opportunities before they are posted and potentially being recommended to the hiring manager by someone in your network. A strong professional network can also help you in a job search or help you make important career moves.

Where Can I Meet Professionals to Connect With?

Networking Platforms

There are many resources that students and alumni have access to in order to connect with professionals such as mentors, faculty, staff, and employers in addition to peers. Click on any of the resources below to start building connections today!

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Be a Part of the Coyote Network!

The Coyote Network is an online community where CSUSB students and alumni come together to promote each other’s growth and success. When you join, you will be able to connect with fellow coyotes who have walked in your shoes and are now working in your field of interest. Alumni mentors can provide you with:

  • Professional resume/ cover letter reviews
  • Advice on career paths & internships 
  • Access to a global network

It easy, fast, and free to sign up, and you can find the mentor that’s right for you by searching by career, industry, location, degree, and more. Sign up today at to ensure your future success!