Individual Buildings

The following pages provide detailed information regarding the various buildings and facilities located throughout the CSUSB campus. They are arranged in alphabetical order by building name, and each page features information regarding accessible outdoor paths of travel, entrances, facilities, chair lifts, and locations of any required areas of refuge in each building. Additional information including the number of floors and elevators in the building, building occupants, and the year each building was constructed can also be found on these pages.

Note: For the purpose of this guide, restrooms, drinking fountains, and entrances that meet or exceed the minimum requirements as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines and Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations are identified as “accessible.” For more information regarding guidelines, measurements, specifications and other design features, please contact the office of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction.

Areas of Refuge

Areas of Refuge are designated areas where people who are unable to use stairs may remain temporarily in safety to await further instruction or assistance during an emergency evacuation. These areas are identified in the individual building pages.

Campus Courtesy Phones

Campus courtesy phones are located in most classrooms, offices and hallways. These are available for making free calls to on-campus offices. Dialing 9-1-1 on any campus courtesy phone will connectthe user directly to University Police. The large number of phones located throughout campus makes it nearly impossible to indicate every individual phone in this guide. For information regarding courtesy phone locations in specific buildings, please contact the Telecommunications and Network Services office.

High Winds: North-Facing Doors

The CSUSB campus is located in an area often affected by Santa Ana wind conditions. During high winds, custodial staff may exercise their discretion in closing north-facing doors. All individuals should exercise extreme caution in these conditions and should proceed to the nearest accessible entrance.