Emergency Evacuation Policies & Procedures

California State University, San Bernardino established an emergency evacuation policy to provide information and guidelines to all members of the university community regarding safe and orderly evacuation of buildings in the event of an emergency. We are committed to providing a safe environment for CSUSB’s students, staff, faculty and visitors. Your assistance in the full exercise of this policy could help save your life or someone else’s. This policy was developed based upon the experience of this and other institutions, fire departments, and other resources.

Policy Statement

CSUSB, in accordance with California law, requires all persons to leave any facility where an emergency evacuation alarm is activated as promptly as possible via the nearest available exit. If an alarm has not been activated, but it becomes clear that an emergency exits, all persons must leave immediately. Alarm pull stations should be activated upon exit. No one is expected to endanger themselves in order to effect or assist with evacuation of others, but everyone has a duty to ensure that other occupants are aware of an emergency. Similarly, it is expected that individuals will, to the best of their ability, aid anyone requiring assistance to evacuate safely.

Emergency Evacuation

CSUSB has adopted a system of evacuation management that will be specifically designed for each building. Each building will have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and individuals who function as building or floor marshals. During an evacuation the marshals, using the EAP as a reference tool, will systematically scan their areas to ensure everyone has evacuated and report to the next level marshal. The responsibilities of these marshals are explained in the Campus Emergency Management Plan. The emergency evacuation alarm systems in most university facilities include visual and/or audible signaling devices, which should alert sensory impaired persons to alarm conditions. If, while evacuating, you notice someone not responding to the alarm, please be sure they are aware of the emergency. Areas of Refuge have been identified (typically near emergency egress stairways) within each CSUSB building requiring an Area of Refuse. These areas can be reached by wheelchair users on their own. Once there, they can await assistance from rescue personnel in a position which does not impede or prevent emergency egress by other occupants. Buildings required to have an Area of Refuge are as follows:

  • Biological Sciences building
  • Faculty Office building
  • Jack Brown Hall
  • University Hall

See the individual building pages beginning on page 14 for exact locations.

Emergency Evacuation Signs

Signs should be posted by each elevator, with a floor plan indicating the location of exit stairways and the location of the closest Area of Refuge, if any.
For additional information and to find out who is the designated floor marshal for a particular location, please contact University Police at (909) 537-5165.

Map for Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation