Emergency Code Blue Phones

Dedicated emergency phones can be found at various outdoor locations throughout campus. These phones are push-button operated and are topped by distinctive blue lights for easy identification. They provide a direct connection to University Police and should be used to report suspicious activity, crimes in progress or any emergency situation. A dispatcher will identify the location of the phone being used (even if nothing is said by the user) and will dispatch police personnel as necessary. Emergency phones are also located in all campus elevators. Dialing 9-1-1 on any campus phone will also connect the user directly to University Police.

Emergency Phone Locations (see note below):

  • Parking Lots A (2 phones), F, G, H
  • Sierra Drive between Lots B and C
  • Coyote Drive near Information Center
  • University Police Office
  • University Parkway near Information Center
  • Sierra Hall
  • Biology Building
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences Building
  • Temporary Classrooms and Offices
  • Performing Arts Building
  • Santos Manual Student Union
  • Parking and Transportation Services
  • Commons Building
  • Student Recreation and Wellness Center
  • Serrano Village
  • Arrowhead Village (5 phones)
  • East and West Parking Structures (multiple phones)