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Project Based Learning

An objective of this project is to utilize interdisciplinary project based learning and online/hybrid courses as a means to engage students in an academic program with a digital media focus. These projects are interdisciplinary because they involve collaborative learning activities taking place in single courses, across courses, and involving community partners. The Projects will engage students by relying on their natural interest in creativity and the simulation of a collaborative environment. 

Schedule of Courses to Include Project Based Learning


Course Title

Commercial Music/Music Technology

Intorduction to Computer and Electronic Music

Introduction to Studio Recording Techniques

Advanced Computer and Electronic Music

Advanced Studio Recording Techniques

Topics in Music Technology

Commercial Songwriting


Commercial Arranging and Scoring

Web/Mobile Applications

Web Page Programming

Server Programming

Game Programming

Senior Interdisciplinary Project

Game Design

Software Engineering

Media Studies

Introduction to Digital Video Editing

TV and Video Field Production

Advanced TV and Video Field Production

Documentary Production

Fiction Production

Independent Study


Interactive Multimedia Design

Advanced Digital Image Editing

Advanced Digital Illustration

Sound for Multimedia

Animation: Character Modeling

Computer Amination - 3D Modeling


Television Studio Production

Radio/Audio Production

Video Editing and Field Production

Film Production

News Production


Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Beginning Computer Design

Intermediate Computer Design

Digital Photography Beginning3D Animation

Beginning Website Design

Interactive Web Design

Computer Information Technology Information Systems Security

System and Network Administration

Web Programming

Web and Mobile Security

Mobile Programming

Web and Mobile Security

Commercial Music

Studio Recording Techniques

ProTools 101


Live Sounding Engineering

Audio Engineering in the Recording Studio

Practicum in Commercial Music

Web/Mobile Applications

Network Management for Mobile Applications

Database for Mobile Application Design

Artificial Intelligence

Networks for Mobile Applications

Application Design for Mobile Phones

Practicum in New MEdia/Motion Design