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Student Research

2016 - 2017

Maricela Gallardo (CIRM Stem Scholar): Characterization of stem cells in ovarian cancer

Channing Toomey (CIRM Stem Scholar): A novel approache to 3D tissue preparation of cardiac progenitor cells using the Kenzan method

Alex Ospina (CIRM Stem Scholar): Mechano-modulation of human pluripotent stem cells at each developmental stage of differentiation to motor neurons

Emilio Uriarte (CIRM Stem Scholar): Effects of DNA methylation on ATOH1-enhancer gene expression

Samara Munoz (CIRM Stem Scholar): The impacts of nicotine from electronic cigarette refill fluid on neurons derived from human embryonic stem cells

Nathaniel Mambo (CIRM Stem Scholar): TSLP cytokine effects on cell survival in B-cell precursor leukemia

2015 - 2016

Toshio Alvarado (J. Dodsworth, advisor): Using fluorescence in-situ hybridization to identify and quantify uncultivated Atribacteria (OP9)

Jennifer Ledesma and Janette Jiries (J. Dodsworth, advisor): Cultivation of Atribacteria

Fatima Cabral (D. Rhoads, advisor): Identification of Agrobacterium genes encoding enzymes for branched chain amino acid biosynthesis

Jason Randall (A. Horner, advisor): Effects of age and exercise training on passive muscle-tendon unit stiffness

Khiarra Estrella (A. Horner, advisor): Hindlimb and forelimb force production in selected high-runner and control mice

Catherine Danh and Alex Cummins (D. Rhoads, advisor): Gene expression of Arabidopsis thaliana in response to heat stress

Patricia Holt-Torres (P. Orwin, advisor): Potential anti-staphylococcal activity of Variovorax paradoxus EPS

Lowell Andrew Iporac (J. Skillman, advisor): Census of macro-algal and epibiont communities in eelgrass beds across California

Sean Ganther (N. Bournias, advisor): Investigating the rate of neurodegeneration of cholinergic brain neurons in AB(1-42) Drosophila melanogaster by flow cytometry

Christian Sam (J. Dodsworth, advisor): Using Clone-FISH to develop positive controls for 16S rRNA gene probes targeting uncultivated microbes

2014 - 2015

Teresa Villasenor (N. Bournias, advisor): Assessing the effects of exercise and vinpocetin treatment on Drosophila melanogaster

Cory Kunkel (M. Chao, advisor): Elucidating the modulatory role of dopamine in the C. elegans chemosensory ASH neuron

Jared Lin (L. Newcomb, advisor): Characterizing N-terminal NLS of NP of influenza virus

Noah Ghossein (A. Horner, advisor): Effect of training and artificial selection on mouse endurance

Tyler Valdez (P. Orwin, advisor): Evaluation of the roles in surface motility of two RpoN genes from Variovorax paradoxus EPS

Peter Braun (J. Skillman, advisor): Drought tolerance responses in Carpobrotas edulis: Physiological integration and inducible CAM photosynthesis

Michael Morikone and Kathleen Conner (C. Wilson, Loma Linda University, advisor): Using free/open-source software to analyze breathing in neonatal rat pups

Jenny Stone (P. Orwin, advisor): Examining the tad locus in Variovorax paradoxus EPS and its tad role in motility

Rick Campos (P. Orwin, advisor): Salt treatment increases the stability of Variovorax paradoxus EPS biofilms

Michael Thompson (L. Newcomb, advisor): Directed knockout of host RNA helicases by CRISPR

David Vasconcellos (T. Owerkowicz, advisor): Osteoderms tell the tale of alligator growth

Patricia Holt-Torres (P. Orwin, advisor): Culture-dependent and culture-independent examination of the Panagrolaimusnematode microbiome

Alan Santana (L. Newcomb, advisor): GFP-fusion to localize nucleoprotein of Influenza A virus

Alicia Davis (L. Newcomb, advisor): Characterization of influenza nucleoprotein body domain as an antiviral target

Jason Jung (S. Sumida, advisor): A partial juvenile specimen of the multiple-tooth-rowed reptile Labidosaurikos(Eureptilia, Captorhinidae, Moradisaurinae) from the Lower Permian of north-central Texas

Lowell Iporac (J. Skillman, advisor): The effects of sulfide concentration on the flowering stage of eelgrass (Zostera marina)

Patricia Holt-Torres (P. Orwin, advisor): Genomic analysis and community relationships in the Helianthus annuusrhizosphere

Jenny Stone (P. Orwin, advisor): Examining the role of antisense RNA at two loci in Variovorax paradoxus

Victor Cao (D. Rhoads, advisor): Mitochondria and responses of plants to heat stress

2013 - 2014

Diana Hung (S. Sumida, advisor): Digital documentation of a 280 million year old (bipedal) reptile

Ryan Walden (CIRM Stem Scholar): Optimizing seeding conditions on synthetic scaffold for transplantation

Kathleen Leon (N. Bournias, advisor): Aging heart rate observation and methylphenidate exposure trial

Nick Schwartz (A. Horner, advisor): The effects of diet quality on Xiphophorus escape responses

Andrew Salas (CIRM Stem Scholar): Optimizing transfections of HEK293T cells yielding a higher titer of virus for infection of hESC's

Nguyen Tran (A. Metcalf, advisor): Optimal polymerase chain reaction (PCR) parameters for introns of the Santa Ana Speckled Dace (Rhinichthys osculus)

David Vasconcellos (T. Owerkowicz, advisor): Osteoderms tell the tale of alligator growth

Angie Nam (N. Bournias, advisor): Observing the effects of niacin on Drosophila melanogaster producing AB-42 protein

Noah Ghossein (A. Horner, advisor): Gait comparisons between young and aged rats

Isabell Augenstein (A. Horner, advisor): X-ray analysis of posture: aged and young rats

Ivan Hernandez (CIRM Stem Scholar): Effects of short-term hypoxia on cardiac progenitors and the AKT pathway

Mohsen Baghchechi (CIRM Stem Scholar): Tracking and measuring SC density with ferrous-oxide stained NPC's through SWI

Michael Ramos (CIRM Stem Scholar): Control of pluripotent stem cell colony morphology to enhance lineage specific differentiation

Jose Ramirez (L. Newcomb, advisor): Blue Native PAGE of Influenza vRNP

Lauren Antrim (CIRM Stem Scholar): StemCellQC: A new module for evaluating neural rosette formation

Nick Niechayev (J. Skillman, advisor): The abiotic factors of the San Clemente coastal bluff environment

Alex Beechkoff (J. Skillman, advisor): Seasonal variation in plant phenology, and leaf physiology for Carpobrotus

Kashfia Neherin (CIRM Stem Scholar): XAB2 gene is important to maintain fidelity of homologous recombination for double strand break repair

Marissa Torres (CIRM Stem Scholar): Effects of hematopoetic stem cell transplantation into iduronidase deficient mice models

Johnny Yang (T. Owerkowicz, advisor): Regenerative capacity of alligator heart

Hyung Jun Shim (CIRM Stem Scholar): Thirdhand Smoke (THS) affects mouse neural stem cell (mNSC) survival

Aleksey Sebryakov (CIRM Stem Scholar): The role of Snail in the regulation of let-7 in early development

Jonathan Bradley (CIRM Stem Scholar): The role of Latrophillin-2, a novel G-protein coupled receptor, in colorectal cancer

Edward Moreira (M. Chao, advisor): The role of the NMDA receptor NMR-1 in dopamine modulation of chemosensation: generation and characterization of transgenic C. elegans

Rick Campos (P. Orwin, advisor): Exploring protein and DNA interactions in biofilms of Variovorax paradoxus EPS

Jessica Salgado (P. Orwin, advisor): Antisense RNA regulation of gene expression in Variovorax paradoxus EPS

Stacey Nerkowski (A. Metcalf, advisor): Microsatellite analysis of population structure in the Santa Ana speckled dace (Rhinichthys osculus)

Maura Becerra (L. Newcomb, advisor): Role of influenza NS proteins in NS viral gene expression

Adeba Mohammad (L. Newcomb, advisor): Examination of the role of Crm1 in influenza viral mRNA nuclear export in A549 cells

Jacqueline Olivas (L. Newcomb, advisor): Characterizing the activity of influenza NS proteins on viral M viral gene expression

Jenny Stone (P. Orwin, advisor): Biochemical and genetic examination of flagellar motility in Variovorax paradoxusEPS

Juana Zamora (L. Newcomb, advisor): Construction of pHH21-del20NLS-NP to generate mutant influenza virus expressing del20NLS-NP

2012 - 2013

Alicia Davis (A. Metcalf, advisor): Optimization of amplification conditions for microsatellite locus Rhos 31 in in the fresh water minnow, Rhinicthys osculus

Niya Larios (L. Newcomb, advisor): Characterization of an influenza A nucleoprotein mutant

Amanda Messrah (CIRM Stem Scholar): Heart in a dish: tobacco-induced cardiotoxicity

Juancarlos Fierros (CIRM Stem Scholar): Role of IGF signalling in zebrafish heart regeneration after cryoinjury

Negin Baghdadchi (CIRM Stem Scholar): Immune system activation and glioma progression

Erica Burck (K. Williams, advisor): Effect of simulated herbivory on flowering in Calochortus plummerae

Tyler Valdez (P. Orwin, advisor): Why does Variovorax paradoxus need two RpoN genes?

Jessica Salgado (P. Orwin, advisor): On the hunt for oral Prevotella: enrichment, cultivation and identification of iron-dependent anaerobes from the oral microbiome

Bryan Bennett (S. Sumida, advisor): Pathological femur of a Pleistocene age timber wolf from Rancho La Brea, California

Rick Campos (CIRM Stem Scholar): Hyperglycemic effects on osteogenic regulation

Amy Sallee (CIRM Stem Scholar): In Vitro study of Mg/Zn/Sr wires cultured with bone marrow stromal cells

Tim Vanny (CIRM Stem Scholar): Videobioinformatics: tracking of calcification in osteogenic cultures

Liane Greaver (A. Metcalf, advisor): Determining species status of Rhinichthys osculus, the Santa Ana Speckled Dace, among the watersheds of southern California, using nDNA introns

Obik Chowdhury (S. Sumida, advisor): New information on the hindlimb of the Early Permian bolosaurid reptile Eudibamus, the earliest known bipedal vertebrate

Johnny Yang (CIRM Stem Scholar): Heart regenerative capacity in a reptilian model

Christina Wybenga (CIRM Stem Scholar): Effects of sidestream smoke on prenatal and postnatal development

Anita Sahagian (L. Newcomb, advisor): Characterization and localization of an influenza ?nucleoprotein body domain mutant

Brenda Navarro (L. Newcomb, advisor): Influenza nucleoprotein interactions with RdRP and host factors

Juana Zamora (L. Newcomb, advisor): Reverse genetics of influenza

Jason Jung (P. Orwin, advisor): Isolation of skin flora bacteria from the antecubital fossa

Niki Arab (P. Orwin, advisor): Identifying phosphate solubilization genes in Variovorax paradoxus EPS and its role in plant growth promotion

Negin Baghdadchi (CIRM Stem Scholar): Serum starvation enhances transfection and differentiation efficiency in human pluripotent stem cells

Lindsay Lenaeus (CIRM Stem Scholar): Dendritic cell differentiation for future study of Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome

Meredith Lujan (CIRM Stem Scholar): Utilizing neural induction to promote retinal fates

Salvador Garcia (CIRM Stem Scholar): Over-expression of VEGF in the intestine alters vascularity and epithelial differentiation during postnatal development

Kashfia Neherin (CIRM Stem Scholar): Rate and intensity of prenatal airway peristalsis is regulated by HCN channel and tracheal occlusion respectively

Jonathan Bradley (CIRM Stem Scholar): Target nanotherapeutic delivery for in situ vascular normalization

Jenny Stone (P. Orwin, advisor): Identifying the genetic component of flagellar expression in Variovorax paradoxusEPS and its effect on motility

Rick Campos (P. Orwin, advisor): Isolation and identification of sub-gingival actinomycetes

Krista Felbinger (T. Owerkowicz, advisor): Pulmonary bypass shunt reduces oxidative damage in the American alligator

Nelson Membreno (T. Owerkowicz, advisor): Importance of the calcareous eggshell to normal skeletal development in the American alligator

Jessica Joneson (T. Owerkowicz, advisor): Importance of the caudofemoralis muscle to locomotion in the American alligator

Stacey Nerkowski (A. Metcalf, advisor): Microsatellite variation in a local freshwater minnow, the speckled dace (Rhinichthys osculus)

2011 - 2012

Veronica Perez (L. Newcomb, advisor): Influenza A mRNA nuclear export

Mika Carroll (L. Newcomb, advisor): Influenza mRNAs and their association with the Crm1 export pathway

Jonathan Bradley (CIRM Stem Scholar): Instructive cell-free biomaterials from stimulating in situ neovascularisation

Rene Mares (CIRM Stem Scholar): Induced pluripotent stem cells derived from a Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome patient: characterization with immunofluorescence and gene expression analysis with RT-PCR

Meredith Lujan (CIRM Stem Scholar): Generation and characterization of retinal populations from stem cells

Kashfia Neherin (CIRM Stem Scholar): Determining the function of HCN channel in mouse embryonic lung development and airway peristalsis

Marissa Hall (CIRM Stem Scholar): Involvement of CCL2 in proliferation and migration of mouse fibroblast cells

Cesar Garcia (K. Williams, advisor): Phenological shifts in flowering periods due to tropical storms in El Niño conditions (1976)

Terri Granillo (K. Williams, advisor): Anatomy of growth rings in roots of Hirschfeldia incana

Josh Billings (CIRM Stem Scholar): MMPs play an active role in the heart regeneration pathway

Salvador Garcia (CIRM Stem Scholar): VEGF is involved in the epithelial differentiation during postnatal development of the intestine

Rosyli Reveron (CIRM Stem Scholar): System Xc- mediates human neural stem cell survival and neuroprotective mechanisms

Eric Torres (CIRM Stem Scholar): Developing a short-bowel syndrome model in zebrafish for studies in intestinal adaptation

Lindsay Lenaeus (CIRM Stem Scholar): The Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome protein and its purpose in the immune system

Maria Valle (CIRM Stem Scholar): Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into retinal cell fate

Jackelyn Valle (CIRM Stem Scholar): Cytoskeletal effects of trans-cinnamaldehyde in H9 hESC’s and human pulmonary fibroblasts (HPF): determining the cytotoxicity of electronic cigarettes

Christian Andrus (K. Middleton, advisor): Cross-sectional geometry of flight feathers in seabirds

Niki Arab (P. Orwin, advisor): Mechanisms of plant growth promotion in Variovorax paradoxus EPS: phosphate solubilization and ACC deaminase activity

Melvin Baidya (M. Chao, advisor): Dopaminergic regulation of glutamate signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans

Kandee Bain (K. Williams, advisor): Differences in temperature responses of achene types in Centaurea melitensis

Johnny Bradley (P. Orwin, advisor): Engineering gene fusion constructs for the pilY1 gene of Variovorax paradoxusEPS

Richard Fredendall (P. Orwin, advisor): Constructing an allelic exchange vector for use in Variovorax paradoxus EPS

Christian Guerrero (L. Newcomb, advisor): Tagging an influenza polymerase protein to assess polymerase interactions

Ryan Laurel (L. Newcomb, advisor): Expression of prostate specific antigen for early biosensing of prostate cancer

Rosyli Reveron (L. Newcomb, advisor): Tagging an influenza polymerase protein to assess polymerase interactions

Patricia Turturro (M. Chao, advisor): Elucidating the role of dopamine in a neural circuit in C. elegans

Li Wang (M. Chao, advisor): Characterization of the role of G protein coupled dopamine receptors in chemosensory avoidance behavior of Caenorhabditis elegans

2010 - 2011

Melvin Baidya (M. Chao, advisor): Dopamine signal transduction in Caenorhabditis elegans

Kandee Bain (K. Williams, advisor): Morphological variation in achenes of Centaurea melitensis

Casey Corsino (K. Williams, advisor): Seed bank analysis of the disturbed and undisturbed areas of the California chaparral

Richard Fredendall (P. Orwin, advisor): Knocking out a potential surfactant gene in Variovorax paradoxus

Vanessa Graff (L. Newcomb, advisor): Influenza A virus: del20 NLS NP mutant activity

Sean Larsen (L. Newcomb, advisor): Influenza A mRNA nuclear export

Lianna Serbas (L. Newcomb, advisor): Inhibition of Nxf1 export pathway and its effect on influenza viral production

Kristie Shrimplin (P. Orwin, advisor): Citrus greening disease: the vector and its biological controls

Patricia Turturro (M. Chao, advisor): Using microfluidics to elucidate the role of dopamine in C. elegans avoidance 

2009 - 2010

Aurora Casas (J. Ferrari, advisor): Quantification of B1 esterase genes in Culex quinquefasciatus using real-time PCR

Lauren English (K. Middleton and S. Sumida, advisors): Allometric scaling of pterosaur forelimb elements

Richard Fredendall (P. Orwin, advisor): PilY1 and its role in surface behavior of Variovorax paradoxus

Jessica Healy (P. Orwin, advisor): The study of the role of PilY1 in surface behavior of Variovorax paradoxus

Denise Martinez (L. Newcomb, advisor): Researching influenza viral mRNA nuclear export

Jacob McFarland (P. Orwin, advisor): Role of two genes in surface behavior of Variovorax paradoxus

Charles Peterson (L. Newcomb, advisor): Interactions of the influenza nucleocapsid protein with host splicing and export factor UAP56

Abel Sanchez (L. Newcomb, advisor): N-terminus of influenza nucleocapsid protein plays role in gene specific viral RNA elongation

Kalebi Shayo (N. Bournias, advisor): Effects of Resveratrol in a Drosophila model

Kami Sugerman-McGiffin (N. Bournias, advisor): Spermidine: the fight against Alzheimer's in Drosophila melanogaster

Mariam Wadie (L. Newcomb, advisor): Assessing influenza NP interactions via yeast two hybrid analysis

2008 - 2009

Melvin Baidya (M. Chao, advisor): Towards a study in signal integration in C. elegans chemosensation

Jessica Bennett (LLU): Research from the Loma Linda International Heart Institute Congestive Heart Failure Clinic

Darren Brockie (K. Middleton, advisor): Effects of a small-muscle mutation on femur anatomy in mice

Steven Bui (L. Newcomb, advisor): Vital role for host Nxf1 in nuclear export of select influenza mRNAs

Fady Boutros (L. Newcomb, advisor): Determining importance of influenza nucleocapsid protein interaction with host splicing factor UAP56

Leon Candara (M. Chao, advisor): Towards a study in signal integration in C. elegans chemosensation

Richard Fredendall (P. Orwin, advisor): Variovorax paradoxus resistance to predation from nematodes

Liane Greaver (M. Chao, advisor): Chemosensory responses of C. elegans to food sources: The hove/hate relationship of a nematode and its bacteria

Jessica Healy (P. Orwin, advisor): Role of pilY1 in surface behaviors of Variovorax paradoxus

Alyse Huisken (N. Bournias, advisor): Does mating in Drosophila melanogaster females reduce lifespan? - A transgenic model

Skyler Liatti (K. Middleton, advisor): The role of muscle loading in jaw shape in mice

Jacob McFarland (P. Orwin, advisor): The role of two genes in surface behavior of Variovorax paradoxus

Stacey Nerkowski (M. Chao, advisor): Chemosensory responses of C. elegans to food sources: The love/hate relationship of a nematode and its bacteria

Daniel Smith (L. Newcomb, advisor): Interrupting influenza nucleocapsid protein and viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase interaction

Tonya Sypolt (L. Newcomb, advisor): Development of influenza genetic screens in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Erin Uttke (N. Bournias, advisor): The stem cells of the Drosophila melanogaster ovaries

Miriam Wadie (L. Newcomb, advisor): Influenza protein-protein interactions: Yeast two hybrid analysis

2007 - 2008

Andrew Cajigal (P. Orwin, advisor): A putative lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis gene (capD) affects lipolytic expression in Variovorax paradoxus

Sara Chandratreya (L. Newcomb, advisor): Investigating nuclear export mechanisms of the influenza virus

Joshua Chua (L. Newcomb, advisor): Investigating influenza mRNA nuclear export pathways

David Coffey (J. Thompson, advisor): Mesenchymal stem cell produced growth factors and their effect on chick neurons

Neal Dach (M. Chao, advisor): towards analysis of the transcriptome of single neurons in Caenorhabditis elegans

Marx Genovez (M. Chao, advisor): The role of dopamine in regulating behavior in C. elegans

Glenn Gregory (P. Orwin, advisor): Investigation of the pilY1 Allele in Variovorax paradoxus

Christina Grimm (N. Bournias, advisor): Reversing aging associated neurodegenerative diseases in Drosophila melanogaster

Leah Henning (N. Bournias, advisor): Reversing aging associated neurodegenerative diseases in Drosophila melanogaster

Ryan Kindervater (C. Talbot, advisor): Gastric chloride transport: a cross species comparison between salamanders and frogs

Jeremy Mercer (C. Talbot, advisor): Chloride Transport across the gastric epithelia of amphibians

Mike Pehl (P. Orwin, advisor): Genes associated with biofilm production in Variovorax paradoxus

Candace Reno (C. Talbot, advisor) Whole-body metabolism during leptin treatment in obese mice with reduced thyroid hormone levels

John Uhrig (P. Orwin, advisor): Membrane permeabilization studies of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureusstrain MW-2 and chitosan arginine

Monica Semenuic (J. Thompson, advisor): Growth of adult stem cells on 3D gels

Jay VanMeter (A. Metcalf, advisor): Genetic variation in Rhinichthys osculus using the MtDNA control region

Pia VanMeter (A. Metcalf, advisor): Population structure in Southern CA Speckled Dace (Rhinichthys osculus): comparison of cytochrome b gene sequence and amino acid sequence differentiation

2006 - 2007

Jessica Ballesteros (C. Talbot, advisor): Relative expression of NKCC1 and AE2 within the fundus and antrum of Necturus and Rana

Andrew Cajigal (P. Orwin, advisor): Capsule polysaccharide biosynthesis gene (capD) affects lipase production in Variovorax paradoxus

Marx Genovez (M. Chao, advisor): Dopamine signal transduction in Caenorhabditis elegans

Katherine Keenan (J. Ferrari, advisor): Response of polymorphic active esterases to insecticidal selection in Culexmosquitoes

Adam Huttenlocker (S. Sumida, advisor): Osteohistology of Sphenacodon (Synapsida: Sphenacodontidae) and the hidden diversity of growth patterns in basal synapsids

Mike Pehl (P. Orwin, advisor): Research into biofilm formation genes in Variovorax paradoxus

Candace Reno (R. Fehn, advisor): Lipid-associated proteins, adipophilin and perilipin, may facilitate hepatic lipid mobilization/retention in normal vs. obese mice

Jennifer Rojas (C. Talbot, advisor): A comparative study of Na+ - K+ - 2 Cl- cotransporter 1 (NKCC1) in gastric mucosa in amphibians and mammals

Gerard Somers (K. Williams, advisor): Interactions between a native and non-native annual of coastal sage scrub: can Emmenanthe penduliflora suppress Centaurea melitensis?

2005 - 2006

Justin McAllister (M. Chao, advisor): Genetic screening for genes involved in dopamine signal transduction in Caenorhabditis elegans

Dean Taylor (J. Ferrari, advisor): Response of a low level esterase gene amplification to insecticidal selection in Culexmosquitoes

Candace Reno (R. Fehn, advisor): Leptin and thyroid hormone regulate hepatic lipid trafficking into macro- and microvesicular pools

Keri Maher (J. Skillman & A. Metcalf, advisors): Evolutionary history of Panamanian Aechmea (Bromeliaceae) from two cpDNA markers

Valerie Pellitier (S. Sumida, advisor): New information on the hindlimb of the rare Early Permian tetrapod, Tseajaia

David Coffey (J. Thompson, advisor): Isolation and characterization of a novel subset of adult-derived stem cells

Valentine Ifeacho (C. Talbot, advisor): Effects of low potassium diet on the expression of ion transporters in the proximal and distal colon of mice

Archie Meyer (J. Skillman, advisor): Microsite effects on an alpine ecotype of the C4 grass Muhlenbergia richardsonis, in the White Mountains of Eastern California

Jennifer Rojas (R. Fehn, advisor): Hepatic lipids and GLUT2 glucose transporters in FATP1 knockout mice

Jay VanMeter (A. Metcalf, advisor): Phylogeographic variation in Threespine stickleback fish Gasterosteus aculeantusssp

Pia VanMeter (A. Metcalf, advisor): Obtaining readable sequence in recalcitrant PCR products

Dean Taylor (J. Ferrari, advisor): The genetic basis of esterase activity variation associated with organophosphate resistance in Culex quinquefasciatus

Candace Reno (R. Fehn, advisor): Fatty acid dysregulation in FATP1 knockout mice and its relationship to obesity-induced diabetes

Shara Marshall (R. Fehn, advisor): Differences in hormone-sensitive lipase expression in diet-induced diabetic and non-diabetic rats

Jay VanMeter (A. Metcalf, advisor): Variation in mitochondrial DNA D-loop in Southern California Speckled Dace

Pia VanMeter (A. Metcalf, advisor): Molecular evolution and phylogeography of cytochrome b in California Speckled Dace

Damieyon Williams (J. Thompson, advisor): Osteogenic differentiation of adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells

2004 - 2005

Candace Reno (R. Fehn, advisor): 24-hour metabolic analyses of FATP1 knockout mice

Andrew Cajigal (P. Orwin, advisor): Lipase production by Variovorax paradoxus

Jay VanMeter (A. Metcalf, advisor): Biogeographic genetic variation among freshwater fish of Southern California

Archie Meyer (J. Skillman, advisor): Living on the edge; Muhlenbergia richardsonis, the highest altitudinal warm-season grass known for North America

Candace Reno (R. Fehn, advisor): Ketosis resistance in marine mammals - A model for obesity-induced diabetes mellitus?

David Coffey (J. Thompson, advisor): Neuronal differentiation of adult-derived stem cells

Araxie Demirdji (S. Sumida, advisor): Dental and cranial structure of a nearly complete skull of the rare "Middle" Permian reptile Kahneria

Rico Gutierrez (P. Orwin, advisor): Biofilm formation by Variovorax paradoxus

Keri Maher (J. Skillman, advisor): Towards a biogeographically constrained molecular phylogeny of Panamanian Aechmea

Ivan Phillipsen (A. Metcalf, advisor): Phylogeography of the California treefrog (Pseudacris cadaverina) in southern California

Jacqueline Williford (G. Thrush, advisor): Using universal primers to identify bacteria in Ixodes pacificus

Araxie Demirdji (S. Sumida, advisor): Jaw and dental structure in an unusual primitive reptile from the Early Permian (~280 million years old) of Oklahoma

Michael Pehl (P. Orwin, advisor): Insertional mutagenesis in Variovorax paradoxus strain EPS

Morgan Evans (J. Thompson, advisor): Are there neurons in your fat?

2003 - 2004

Keri Maher (J. Skillman, advisor): Towards a molecular phylogeny of the Aechmea species of Panama

Michael Pehl (P. Orwin, advisor): Genetic analysis of mucoid soil isolate Variovorax paradoxus EPS.

Erika Wells (S. Sumida, advisor): A fossil tetrapod assemblage dominated by a primitive dinosaur from the Triassic of central Germany

Lucy Jun (R. Fehn, advisor): Thyroid hormone-regulated skeletal muscle GLUT4 glucose transporter trafficking during fasting in diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance

Archie Meyer (J. Skillman, advisor): Where to grow? High or low? Microsite effects on Muhlenbergia richardsonis

Erika Wells (C. Talbot, advisor): Acclimation in an unstirred environment: effects on sodium transport across frog skin

Brian Stinnett (R. Fehn, advisor): Metabolic profiling of fatty acid transport protein (FATP1) knockout mice

Heidy Contreras (C. Talbot, advisor): Dehydration threshold in Pacific and California treefrogs

Darren Coffey (K. Williams, advisor): Axis-splitting in Eriogonum wrightii, a high-elevation buckwheat

Haydee Evalle (J. Thompson, advisor): Human adipose derived stem cells

Heidi Kocalis (R. Fehn, advisor): RNA for transcriptional regulation studies of thyroid hormone resistance

Mary Roser (G. Thrush, advisor): Identification of bacterial endosymbionts within Dermacentor occidentalis

Haydee Evalle (J. Thompson, advisor): Human umbilical cord blood as a potential source for monocyte-derived stem cells

David Coffey (J. Thompson, advisor): Differentiation of human bone marrow stromal cells into neuronal precursors

2002 - 2003

Ivan Phillipsen (A. Metcalf, advisor): Genetic differentiation among populations of the California treefrog in Southern California

Charlyn Dunn (R. Fehn, advisor): Metabolic effects of nembutal and cyclosporin in adenovirus-mediated gene delivery

George Walker (A. Metcalf, advisor): Molecular analysis of genetic variation in the federally endangered Astragalus jaegerianus: a species with a geographically restricted range

Heidi Kocalis (R. Fehn, advisor): Peroxixome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma coactivator-1 (PGC-1) in hepatic lipid metabolism

Joshua Trapesonian (S. Sumida, advisor): A jaw from a primitive amphibian from the Halgaito Shale of southeastern Utah (280 Mybp)

Kerry Lynett (K. Williams, advisor): Germination requirements for seeds of tree poppy (Dendromecon rigida)

Tom Benson (A. Metcalf, advisor): Genetic differentiation within and among populations of the pygmy nuthatch in Southern California

Beth Kempton (A. Metcalf, advisor): Genetic variation in a local freshwater fish, Rhinicthys osculus subspecies: a molecular analysis of the Santa Ana River watershed populations

Alejandro Andrade (G. Thrush, advisor): Development of an assay to detect coliform bacteria within drinking water from western San Bernardino County

Christine Williams (J. Thompson, advisor): The effects of beta-mercaptoethanol on human bone marrow stromal cells

Mack Green (R. Fehn, advisor): Histological analysis of hepatic lipids using osmium oxide stains

Renee Wilterding (C. Talbot, advisor): Upregulation of cutaneous sodium transport in leopard frogs: does mitochondria rich cell density change in parallel?

Nida Moosa (C. Talbot, advisor): How long does it take for leopard frogs to respond to changes in their sodium environment?

Jackie Clark (C. Talbot, advisor): Do California tree frogs drink from concentrated solutions when they are thirsty?

Wadih Hawat (R. Fehn, advisor): Localization of lipids in hepatocytes using Oil-red-O staining: potential implications in diabetes

Beth Kempton (A. Metcalf, advisor): Genetic differentiation between populations of Dipodomys nitratoides subspecies

Ron Spier (J. Ferrari, advisor): Esterase activity variation associated with insecticide resistance in field populations of the mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus

Mary Roser (G. Thrush, advisor): Identification of three bacterial endosymbionts in ticks (Ixodes pacificus) taken from San Bernardino County, California

Heidy Contreras (C. Talbot, advisor): Threshold for the water absorption response in green tree frogs (Hyla cineria)

Archie Meyer (J. Skillman, advisor): Competition or Facilitation? Interactions between C3 and C4 grasses along elevational gradients

Jennifer Lutz (J. Ferrari, advisor): Characterizing esterase activity variation in a population of the mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus

2001 - 2002

Gavan Albright (S. Sumida, advisor): Cranial structure and phylogenetic affinities of the primitive reptile Captorhinikos parvus (Reptilia, Captorhinidae).

Lisa Anderson (R. Fehn, advisor): GLUT4 transporters in muscle following gene therapy for diet-induced insulin resistance

Ivan Phillipsen (A. Metcalf, advisor): The California treefrog (Hyla cadaverina) as an indicator of biological linkage among watersheds in southern California

Sara Young (J. Ferrari, advisor): Characterization of esterase activity variation in a san bernardino population of the mosquito, Culex quinquefasciatus

Lucy Jun (R. Fehn, advisor): Muscle fat content in obesity: regulation by leptin, T3, and the sympathetic nervous system

Jimmy Donker (R. Fehn, advisor): Leptin and thyroid hormone on feeding and nutrient trafficking following peripheral sympathetic neural ablation

Ronnie Moussa (R. Fehn, advisor): Role of sympathetic nervous system in thyroid regulation by leptin

Renee Wilterding (J. Ferrari, advisor): Genetic variation of esterases associated with insecticide resistance in field populations of Culex mosquitoes

Shane Buel (C. Talbot, advisor): The effects of insulin on Na+ transport in Rana pipiens

Heidy Contreras (C. Talbot, advisor): Behavioral Responses to different ion concentrations in dehydrated Pacific Tree Frogs

George Walker (A. Metcalf, advisor): The phylogeography of Dipodomys stephensi and Callisaurus draconoides: Analyses of species with restricted ranges

Gavan Albright (S. Sumida, advisor): Braincase and lower jaw morphology of the primitive reptile Captorhinikos parvus(Reptilia, Captorhinidae)

Jimmy Donkor (R. Fehn, advisor): Using gene expression to detect the effects of glucocorticoids

Shara Marshall: The effects of hypoxia and cocaine on the fetus

Lisa Ann Philhower: Aplomado Falcon restoration project: Reintroduction of an endangered species

Dawit Adugna (C. Wang, advisor): Monoclonal antibody production against human and yeast prp2

Doug Holl (C. Talbot, advisor): Down regulation of Na transport in Rana pipiens

2000 - 2001

Rick Allen (J. Thrush, advisor): PCR analysis to detect Lyme disease bacteria in Ixodes ticks

Cheryl Dodson (J. Ferrari, advisor): The isolation of an Est B1 probe from Yuba 4 Culex mosquitoes

Amy Lopez (J. Ferrari, advisor): Developing base line resistance and esterase activity for the Yuba 4 strain of Culex pipiens

Dave Quiggle (J. Thrush, advisor): The effects of R-flurbiprofen in reducing tumors in min/+ mouse model

1999 - 2000

Shea Aiken (G. Thrush, advisor): Production and identification of soluble T-cell receptor molecules using ELISA and Western blotting techniques

Rick Allen (J. Thrush, advisor): Using the polymerase chain reaction to determine the prevalence of Lyme disease bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, in Ixodes ticks from San Bernardino County in Southern California

Cheryl Dodson (J. Ferrari, advisor): The isolation of an Est B1 probe from Yuba 4 Culex mosquitoes

Jimmy Donkor (R. Fehn, advisor): Thyroid hormone and leptin in hepatic lipid and glycogen trafficking in the obese (ob/ob) mouse

Dave Doriguzzi (C. Talbot, advisor): Effects of inhibition of steroid hormone synthesis on cutaneous sodium transport in leopard frogs

Sonya Earll (J. Skillman, advisor): The relationship between photosynthetic capacity and leaf lifespan of plants in four simulated tropical biomes of Biosphere 2

Christie Hoover (J. Skillman, advisor): Optical methods for non-destructive estimates of leaf area on Adenostoma fasciculatum

Victoria Hornbaker (C. Talbot, advisor): Effects of agricultural run off on cutaneous sodium transport in leopard frogs

John How (R. Fehn, advisor): Thyroid hormone-induced fatty liver in diabetic (db/db) mice - an ultrastructural analysis by TEM

Jonathan King (J. Thompson, advisor): Restriction-modification systems found in Type I restriction enzymes

Doug Leipold (C. Talbot, advisor): A pharmacokinetic analysis of R-fluoroflurbiprofen in mice

Amy Lopez (J. Ferrari, advisor): Developing base line resistance and esterase activity for the Yuba 4 strain of Culex pipiens

Susanna Nicholass (C. Talbot, advisor): Is net cutaneous sodium uptake correlated to H+ secretion in Ranid frogs?

Tatyana Paly (N. Bournias, advisor): Induction of Hsp70 in the Chara treated MCF-7 cell line.

Gwen Parker (G. Thrush, advisor): Endosymbionts in Dermacentor variabilis ticks collected from San Bernardino County

Scott Parker (D. Polcyn, advisor): Geographic variation in life history characters on an environmental gradient and geographical gradient between two species of Sceloporus lizards

Dave Quiggle (G. Thrush, advisor): The effects of R-Flurbiprofen in reducing tumors in Min/+ mouse model

Dan Salcedo (K. Brasch, advisor): The inhibitory effects of extracts from the alga Chara globularis on the growth of human breast carcinoma cells

Pomposo (Pinky) Urquidies (R. Fehn, advisor): Expression and distribution of GLUT2 glucose transporter proteins in the hepatocytes of leptin and T3 treated normal (+/ob) and obese (ob/ob) mice

Claudio Villanueva (C. Talbot, advisor): Effects of aldosterone receptor blockade on cutaneous sodium transport in leopard frogs