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Application Process

Application Process

Step 1

Complete this CalFresh Pre-Screen Form:

For help or any questions contact your CSUSB CalFresh Outreach Team and take the application prescreen.  Contact us at

Step 2

If you think you may be eligible, complete and submit an application with your CSUSB CalFresh Outreach Team. 

Although the application is available online, we encourage you to apply online with the help of your CSUSB CalFresh Outreach Team because they are very familiar with the questions and will likely get you through the application faster.

Step 3

Once the application is received by the county, your 30-day application period begins

Step 4

During this 30 day period, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete your INTERVIEW with the county office by phone or in person (The county office will either call or mail you a date and time for your interview)
  • Let your CalFresh Outreach Team know if you have not heard from the county within the first 7 days

Step 5

You will then be required to provide verification documents to your county office. This must also be completed during the 30 day period.

Your application will not be approved if you do not submit verification documents that meet their requirements. Examples of verification documentation include:

  • Copy of ID
  • Proof of address
  • Local Utility Bill
  • Pay stubs
  • Financial aid award letter and schedule (if a student)

Step 6

In order to keep your CalFresh benefits, you will be required to do the following:

  • Complete a Semiannual Report (called a SAR 7 Eligibility Report) 6 months after your initial application is approved. The County will let you know when this is due.
  • Complete a Recertification Application and be interviewed before the end of your certification period. The County will let you know when your Recertification Application is due and will send you a letter confirming the time and date of your interview. Most interviews will be conducted over the phone.