Online RPT Process

Transition to the online RPT platform Interfolio/Faculty 180

Transition team:

  • Academic Personnel: Dr. Paul Vicknair, Rosalinda Torres, Winsome Laos, Nella Sutyniec

  • Faculty: Dr. Mihaela Popescu, Department of Communication/ATI

  • ITS: Felix Zuniga, Micah Schissel

Rationales for the transition to Interfolio

The current Moodle-based platform, which is essentially a Moodle course, has several limitations involving usability and ease in allocating access permissions:

  1. Faculty would like to see additional functionality, such as the ability to bulk upload, the ability to reorder attachments automatically and integration with other campus system that would enable data import (e.g., PeopleSoft for the record of courses taught; Class Climate Server for SOTE’s);  
  2. The administration of permissions to access a faculty’s file at different levels of review can only be done manually and it is time consuming and inefficient;
  3. The platform does not allow aggregate reporting (e.g., research output at campus level).

Transition timeline

Phase I

All 1st, 3rd, and 5th year faculty scheduled for a periodic evaluation during the 2017/18 AY.

Phase II

All probationary faculty scheduled for a performance review or a periodic evaluation during the 2018/19 AY.

Phase III

All tenured faculty scheduled for review.

Decision process
Summer 2016
  • At the request of the Faculty Mentoring Network and Academic Personnel, Dr. Popescu started the campus needs assessment in Summer 2016.
  • In-depth interviews with campus stakeholders (faculty, evaluators, administrators, Academic Personnel) to establish challenges with the current online RPT platform
  • Identification of commercial vendors of online RPT
  • Interfolio, Digital Measures and Data180 were selected for further review and presented online demos on Aug. 4, Aug. 10 and Oct. 5 for stakeholders across the campus
  • Interfolio and Data180 were invited for campus demos
Fall 2016
  • Vendor vetting and feedback from other CSU campuses
  • Campus demos and demos for Senators/CFA with Interfolio, and Data180,
  • Feedback collection and analysis
Winter – Spring 2017
  • Interfolio acquired Data180 at the beginning of 2017
  • Extended conversations regarding the integration of the two products and the resolution of various security issues identified with Interfolio
  • June 9: resolution achieved; Dr. Popescu presented her findings and recommendation to acquire presented to the EC
Summer 2017 – Winter 2018
  • CSUSB acquired Intefolio;
  • The implementation team started working on the implementation of the platform (in process)
  • Main RPT template implemented
  • Department-specific templates to follow
  • Faculty180 features to be implemented in Summer 2018