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Your Vote, Our Future


The Associated Students, Inc. at Cal State San Bernardino is proud to announce its voter engagement campaign for the upcoming general election: Your Vote, Our Future. This year's civic engagement platform is aimed at recognizing our decisions in this year's election and the impact they will have for generations to come.

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Know Before You Vote

In order to vote in an election, one must register ahead of time with their state election office. We made that simple for you here, just check out the information on this web page.

How you vote is based upon the rules within your state. Below is information on California election deadlines, however, we recommend you check out the "Plan Your Vote" link below for out of state regulations. 


California Election Information
Action Deadline
*Register to Vote (In Person) November 3, 2020
Mail-in Ballot Submission  Must be postmarked by November 3, 2020, and received by November 20, 2020

*Conditional voter registration is also available to eligible citizens who miss the registration deadline. 

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Your Vote Our Future

The Associated Students, Inc. as a corporation does not endorse any candidate or measure in the upcoming election. Information on this webpage has been collected through nonpartisan organizations. ASI encourages you to register to vote, learn more about the issues, and make a decision on November 3, 2020.