Club Allocation Budget (C.A.B.)

The Club Allocation Budget Committee is responsible for the weekly allocation of funds for programs and special events as requested by recognized CSUSB student groups and organizations.

The mission of this committee is to support organizational activities that will enhance on campus life, and allow students to develop leadership and personal skills.


ASI Cab Funding: How-To-Guide

CAB Logo


Attend a CAB Workshop. At least one member must attend. 


Complete a Funding Request Form (FRF). Must be filled out completely. Must include quotes and draft advertising.


Turn FRF at least 3 weeks before the event, and 5 weeks if you are requesting a speaker/artist. Submit your FRF Tuesday before 12:00pm to be placed on the next weeks agenda (Tuesday at 10:00am)


Present to the Finance Committee! One knowledgable member must present at the meeting your item is being discussed. All club/organizations must bring their final advertisments.


If approved, you can purchase CAB approved items. You must keep all orignial (valid) reciepts and submit them with your requisition 10 business days after the event. Remember, failure to provide any reciepts will result in the forfeiture of funds and ASI will not be able to provide reibursement. 

Updated CAB checklist