Looking to get involved in the decision making process? Committees are a great way to represent your fellow peers in meetings where the impact is directly focused on the student body of CSUSB. Whether its a committee associated with the organization or a campus-wide initiative, committees are essential to decisions made on matters of finances, academics, and social interactions. Apply today and join other student leaders, staff, or faculty on these diverse working groups!

Follow the "Apply" links below (if applicable) and under Department select "Committee" and type in the committee you would like to serve on in the "Position" section of the application. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact our front desk at (909) 537-5932. 

ASI Committees

Activities Committee
This committee is chaired by the Programs Manager and is responsible for planning special events, speakers, concerts and other related programs. In addition, this committee regularly co-sponsors large scale events with other campus organizations such as the Student Union Program Board, Women's Resource Center, Alumni Affairs and the Cross-Cultural Center.

Membership Status
Alejandro Gamboa, Programs Manager & Chair
Member at Large, Vacant (3) APPLY
Jesse Felix, Executive Director

Club Allocation Budget (CAB) & Finance Committee
This committee is chaired by the Vice-President of Finance. The CAB Committee is responsible for allocating funds to recognized CSUSB student clubs and organizations. It also facilitates quarterly CAB workshops for club officers to train on the application and CAB funding process. The Finance Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors on all financial matters concerning the allocation and expenditure of funds. 

Membership Status
Kristy Robles, Vice President of Finance & Chair
Members at Large (7) CLOSED
Jesse Felix, Executive Director
Yera Nanan, Executive Vice President
Board of Directors (3)

Lobby Corps. Committee
The mission of the ASI Lobby Corps of California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) is to provide the means necessary to affect public policy on matters impacting higher education by lobbying to appropriate local and state officials.

Membership Status
Robert Navarrette, Director of External Affairs & Chair
Prince Ogidikpe, ASI President
Member at Large, Vacant (6) APPLY

Elections Committee
The Chair of this committee is a student not affiliated with ASI and appointed by the ASI President. The committee is additionally comprised of 4 students not currently holding positions within ASI or running for office. The Elections Committee is responsible for conducting ASI elections and making rulings on elections violations as well as recommending changes in election guidelines and procedures. 

Membership Status
Elections Coordinator, Chair CLOSED
Member at Large, Vacant (5) CLOSED


Campus Wide Committees

For Students...
If you are interested in being a part of a committee outside of ASI or if you stumbled upon a committee that you would like to join, click on the link "Sign Me Up", fill out an application and our Executive Vice President Helmand Pashtunyar will be in contact with you soon! Make sure to select "Committee" under Department and type "At Large" or the name of the committee you would like to serve in the Position section.

For Faculty, Staff, & Administration...
If you are a staff, faculty or administrator looking for a student to sit on a campus wide committee or search, please fill out a request form by clicking the "Student Leader Request" link below. One of our student leaders will get back to you within 72 hours of your request. If you need immediate assistance, please contact our Executive Vice President Helmand Pashtunyar at (909) 537-3934.