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Funding Request Instructions

Requesting Funds

  • Funding request forms must be turned in at least 3 weeks prior to the event or 5 weeks if artist/speaker is requested
  • All funding request forms must be submitted by 12 pm Tuesday to be added to the next week’s Finance Committee meeting. 
  • The funding request form must be typed and filled out completely. 
  • Physical quotes and estimates are needed for all items listed. 
  • Print out all necessary paperwork: Quotes, draft advertising, and funding request form and submit to the ASI office (SU108)
  • Need help? Please contact ASI Vice-President of Finance at:

Funding Restrictions

  • For personal benefit of individuals. 
  • To finance political campaigns or candidates. 
  • To violate CSUSB policies, Title 5, Local, State, or Federal Law. 
  • To support university departmental/interdepartmental activities/events which the CAB Committee determines to be a departmental/interdepartmental activity/event and which the club is being asked to support through CAB funding. Should the CAB committee determine that the event/activity is mainly a department event/activity, the committee is authorized to reject the request for funding under paragraph 4N of this policy. In addition, if the CAB committee determines that the club distorted information to qualify the event/activity for funding, the CAB committee is authorized to deny funding for the club for up to one calendar year from the date of the FRF request. 
  • To fund transportation including but not limited to, mileage reimbursement, train, bus, car rental. 
  • To provide lodging, meals or incidentals. (Unless included in conference registration fees and if approved by CABC.) 
  • To purchase equipment or items of a permanent nature to the club e.g., canopies etc.
  • To support athletic events/activities. 
  • To advertise in the ASI planner or other ASI publications. 
  • To support internal operations/club meetings, etc. 
  • To support graduation ceremonies or functions, end-of-year functions, banquets, recognition ceremonies, award ceremonies or graduation accouterments (e.g. sashes, cords, awards, plagues). 
  • For advertisements on the 4-Winds Digital Display System 
  • For events to be held in the last four weeks of the academic school year. This provision is necessary so that ASI can meet it accounting year-end closeout obligation with the University. 
  • For club events that are deemed too high a risk for ASI to fund. 
  • To provide for clothing items or any clothing-related services. 
  • To fund conference fees for alumni, club affiliates, advisers, or any other non-CSUSB student

Form Instructions

Section A: Organization and Account Information

When was your club originally chartered? Please input when your club was first ever charted in CSUSB.

National Affiliations: Is your club or organization part of any other larger organization? If so, please add this here.

Section B: Program Information

Contact Person: Add club/org member who is mainly responsible for the event funding

Expected Attendance: How many people do you expect to attend your event?

Section C: Event Funding Information

Registration: Used if requesting funds for conference registration fees

Advertising/Printing: Includes cost of flyers, posters, etc. 

Food/Beverages: All food/drinks should be included here. E.g. Sodexo, outside food, snacks

Artist/Speaker Fees: Some examples of artist/speaker fees are: DJ’S, professional speakers for workshops, face painters.(Remember funding request forms, if requesting artist/speaker fees must be submitted 5 weeks before the event) 

Personal Services: Includes services such as setting up costs, UPD, etc.

Rentals: Includes room rentals, table rentals, etc.

Other Activities: Any other things that might not be stated in available sections.

Event Cost: Total amount of funds for that category 

Club Funding: All clubs/orgs are required to put 25% investment of the overall cost, unless you are a newly chartered club/org. 

Amount Requested: This is the column in which you state how much you are requesting from ASI, it is the difference between event cost and club funding.