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If any of the information you find on this page does not answer a specific question, please contact our Vice President of Finance Kristy Robles at

What are the first steps to the CAB process?

  1. The first step is to read the Club Allocation Budget (CAB) policy, this policy explains the whole procedure in receiving funding for your event/conference. It’s vital that you read this so you know what to do.
  2. Attending a CAB workshop is also mandatory. Workshops will go through the funding process and how to fill out a Funding Request Form (FRF) as well as the Requisition form. It is also a great time to ask any questions related to your specific event/conference. Workshops will be announced via email to your registered club email in OSE and through the ASI Instagram page. If you cannot make a workshop please email

Can I collaborate with another club?

Yes! The maximum amount of funding you can receive if you collaborate is $3,400. However, you would still have to follow the quarterly/annual caps. Make sure you turn in all paperwork jointly to the ASI office so you are able to present it together to the Finance Committee. Also, make sure you state in your Funding Request Form that you are collaborating with another club, you can fill this out in one of the sections on the form.

When does the Finance Committee meet?
The Finance Committee meets every Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the SMSU Boardroom (SU 219). The meetings are open to anyone! Feel free to stop by!

Any tips to present to the Finance Committee? 
Make sure you arrive on time! Any member of the club can present to the committee, however, they must know the details of the event/conference.
Powerpoint is not required but strongly encouraged! Give some brief background on your club and why this event is important to the campus community. Make sure to add to your PowerPoint the break down of costs and any other important information.

Can I turn in a Funding Request Form one quarter in advance?
Yes, you can! However, if your club/organization is approved, funds will be taken out of that quarter’s funds.

What do I turn in with my Funding Request Form?

  • Quotes (where are you getting your numbers from?)
  • Any supporting documentation
  •  Draft advertising

What is a Requisition form and where can I get it?
A requisition form is a required document in order to receive reimbursement, this form is available at the front desk in the ASI office.  Original receipts and other supporting documentation must be attached to the requisition form.  You have 10 business days after your event/conference ends to turn it in.  Please stop by the ASI office if you have questions regarding how to fill out the requisition form.

What does ASI CAB funding not fund?

  • For the personal benefit of individuals
  • To finance political campaigns or candidates
  • To violate CSUSB policies, Title 5, Local, State, or Federal Law
  • To support university departmental/interdepartmental activities
  • To fund transportation
  • To provide lodging, meals or incidentals
  • To purchase equipment or items of a permanent nature to the club
  • To support athletic events/activities
  • To advertise in the ASI planner or other ASI publications
  • To support internal operations/club meetings, etc.
  • To support graduation ceremonies or functions, end-of-year functions, banquets, recognition ceremonies, award ceremonies or graduation accouterments (e.g sashes, cords, awards)
  • For advertisements on the 4-winds Digital Display system
  • For events to be held in the last four weeks of the academic school year. This provision is necessary so that ASI can meet it account year-end closeout.
  • For club events that are deemed too high a risk for ASI to fund.
  • To provide for clothing items or any clothing-related services.
  • To fund conference fees for alumni, club affiliates, advisers, or any other non-CSUSB student.

Is cash an allowed payment? 
Cash is strongly discouraged. If using cash, extra steps are required to prove a transaction.  Reimbursement is not guaranteed for cash payments. 

How much funding is available?
Clubs/Organizations are granted up to $2,100 per quarter. However, there are certain caps for certain category’s:

Available Funding
Description Quarterly Cap Annual Cap
Conference Fees - $1,200
Advertising $200 $400
Food/Beverages $1,000 $2,000
Artist/Speaker fees - $1,500
Decorations $150 $300
Prizes - $800