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Standing Committees

Purpose of Committees

ASI Standing Committees shall operate in accordance with approved ASI BoD Policies and Procedures. Such Policies and Procedures may define or specify the membership of such committees. The term of appointment for all standing committees will be for one fiscal year.

Executive Committee 

This committee shall be responsible for dealing with all emergency matters concerning the Corporation which normally would fall under the ASI BoD and that cannot be postponed.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for receiving, reviewing and preparing recommendations to the ASI BoD on all financial matters concerning allocations and expenditures of corporate funds. This committee is responsible for reviewing the preparation of the annual budget as presented by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or their designee and present it to the ASI BoD for consideration and approval. See below for information on Spring 2023 Finance Committee meetings.


Finance Committee Meetings
Date & Time Location Agenda
Friday, March 17, 2023 Zoom Click Here for 3-17-23 Agenda


Vacancy Committee

Student vacancies on the ASI BoD shall be filled by the recommendation of majority vote of this committee and appointed by the ASI BoD. This committee will also be responsible for the onboarding and mentorship of newly appointed BoD positions.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee will have the authority to review and amend corporate policies, procedures and bylaws. Although the committee may amend corporate documents as deemed necessary, amendments must be brought before the BoD for final approval.

Activities Committee

This committee shall be responsible for the programming budget and have the authority to allocate its funds for ASI events throughout the academic year.

Lobby Corps. 

The mission of the ASI Lobby Corps is to provide the means necessary to affect public policy on matters impacting higher education by lobbying to appropriate local and state officials.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the ASI Board of Directors on all matters related to elected and hired positions of the Corporation.