ASI is the recognized voice of our students here at CSUSB. We represent the interest, needs, and concerns of over 20,000 students to the CSUSB administration, faculty and staff. Our presence is evident in many of the committees on which we serve, the programs and services we support across campus, and the student representation at the state and national levels.


ASI has many events for the students throughout the year. To find out more information about any of our upcoming events go to our upcoming events page.

Getting Involved

We need you, the CSUSB student to get involved! Regardless of your background and past experience, there is a place for you within our organization. Just go to our getting involved page to learn more.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents each college on campus and is the student governing body. To learn more go to our Board of Directors page.


The CABC (Club Allocation Budget Committee) is responsible for the weekly allocation of funds for programs and special events as requested by recognized CSUSB student groups and organizations. To find out more info go to our CABC page.

Student Grants

The Grants and Service Programs are available for CSUSB Students and are offered to aid students in need or to support the aspirations of research. Just go to our Student Grants page to learn more.

ASI Internships

ASI occasionally offers 2 internships to students who are majoring in Graphic Design or Marketing. To find out more about the internship that fits within your degree visit either the marketing or design internship page.

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