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Verification Process for Special Settings (VPSS)

What is the Verification Process for Special Settings?

Verification Process for Special Settings (VPSS) was developed to provide an opportunity for teachers in special programs to acquire subject-matter competency in four core academic subjects: mathematics, science, social science, and English. This two-level process is designed to be available over time for teachers "new" and "not new" to the teaching profession, and new to assignments in which they teach two or more core academic subjects in the specified setting. Teachers in these special settings must be compliant in at least one core academic subject or multiple subjects to be eligible for this verification process. Special settings include: special education, small rural schools, and independent study programs.

English Professional Developments

Location: TBD Fee: $475 per tier

Mathematics Professional Developments

Location: TBD Fee: $475 per tier

Science Professional Developments


Riverside County Office of Education Conference Center  3958 12th Street Riverside, CA 92501  Fee: $475 per tier

History and Social Science Professional Developments

  • Tier 1: Saturdays, January 11 - February 8, 2014 (more information coming soon)
  • Tier 2: Saturdays, February 22 - March 22, 2014 (more information coming soon)

Location: TBD Fee: $475 per tier


For more information contact: June Miller Administrative Assistant Riverside County Office of Education  Center for Teacher Innovation (951) 826-6616