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Faculty Resources

Faculty & Staff Forms:


Add / Drop - Instructions for Faculty

Batch Grading Instructions

BlackBoard - Adding / Removing Users (students, assistants, other faculty)

Change of Grade (online) Faculty Quick Guide

Grading in the Faculty Center - Quick Guide

Incomplete ('I' Grade) Contracts Faculty Guide

Participation Confirmation Instructions

Permissions Requests (overloads, simultaneous enrollments, etc.)

Rubric Guide

Sample Grading Rubric 1

Sample Grading Rubric 2

Sample Grading Rubric 3

Template Syllabus (and guidance notes)

Waitlist Information for Faculty



BA in Art History & Global Cultures

BA in Art (with concentrations in  Studio Art and Art Education)

BFA in Art (in Studio Art)

BA in Design Studies

BFA in Design (concentrations in 3D, Interface Design, Motion Graphics, & Marketing)

BA in Visual Art Studies

MFA in Studio Art



California Faculty Association (CFA)

Classroom Visitation Template

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CFA)

FAM 650-654 (Faculty Administration Manual) - Faculty Evaluations

Lecturer Evaluation Form

Guide for New P/T Lecturers


Overtime / Compensatory Time Form

Professional Development Funds Tracking Form (online)

Requisition Checklist (information)

Time Sheet

Travel Information


INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS (Visiting Speakers, etc. but NOT life models):

Sample Invoice and ICR HR request guide (cheat sheet)


REASSIGNED TIME (Tenure-line Faculty only):

Reassigned Time Request Form

Reassigned Time Guidelines / Tabulated



Accident Report Form (if you have had an accident)

Supervisor's Accident Report Form

Campus Visit Requests (during COVID-19)

Chemical Inventories Procedure

COVID-19 Prevention & Planning / (EH&S)

EH&S Record Retention Schedule

EH&S Website

If you have an Injury / Accident

What to Report for Injuries / Accidents

Injury & Illness Prevention Program Guidelines

Injury & Illness Reporting Flow Chart