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Faculty Resources

Faculty & Staff Forms:


Add / Drop - Instructions for Faculty

Batch Grading Instructions

BlackBoard - Adding / Removing Users (students, assistants, other faculty)

Change of Grade (online) Faculty Quick Guide

Grading in the Faculty Center - Quick Guide

Incomplete ('I' Grade) Contracts Faculty Guide

Permissions Requests (overloads, simultaneous enrollments, etc.)

Rubric Guide

Sample Grading Rubric 1

Sample Grading Rubric 2

Sample Grading Rubric 3

Template Syllabus (and guidance notes)

Waitlist Information for Faculty



BA in Art History & Global Cultures

BA in Art (concentrations in Visual Art & Visual Studies)

BFA in Art (concentrations in Studio Art & Visual Studies)

BA in Design Studies

BFA in Design (concentrations in 3D Design, Interface Design, Motion Graphics, & Marketing)

BA in Studio Art Studies

MFA in Studio Art



California Faculty Association (CFA)

Classroom Visitation Template

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CFA)

FAM 650-654 (Faculty Administration Manual) - Faculty Evaluations

Lecturer Evaluation Form

Guide for New P/T Lecturers


Direct Expenditure Form

Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization Form

Generic Invoice

Hospitality Approval Form

Overtime / Compensatory Time Form

Participation Confirmation Instructions

Purchase Request

Purchase Approval (over $10k)

Professional Development Funds Tracking Form (online)

Requisition Checklist (information)

Requisition Approval Authorization Form

Time Sheet

Travel Information

Unauthorized Purchase Explanation/Certification Form

Volunteer Form


INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS (Visiting Speakers, etc.):

*Independent Contractor Process Guide for Booking and Payments

Independent Contractor Requests (Overview)

Generic Invoice

Vendor Date Record Form Std 204


REASSIGNED TIME (Tenure-line Faculty only):

Reassigned Time Request Form

Reassigned Time Guidelines / Tabulated



Accident Report Form (if you have had an accident)

Supervisor's Accident Report Form

Campus Visit Requests (during COVID-19)

Chemical Inventories Procedure

COVID-19 Prevention & Planning / (EH&S)

EH&S Record Retention Schedule

EH&S Website

If you have an Injury / Accident

What to Report for Injuries / Accidents

Injury & Illness Prevention Program Guidelines

Injury & Illness Reporting Flow Chart