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The sculpture area is extremely well-equipped with hand tools, power tools, mechanical equipment, and new digital fabrication equipment making it possible to create art in almost any material at any scale.
With generous working and storage spaces, and specialist spaces for welding, braising, cutting, drilling, etc. we hold the following equipment:

●      Extensive metal fabrication tools and equipment, including MIG and TIG welders, plasma cutter, and oxy-acetylene torches
●      Rollers, step-shears and a sheet-metal brake
●      Band and cut-off saws
●      Small metals casting for jewelry and other delicate metal work
●      Forge facilities for hot-working metals
●      Outdoor foundry facilities for large scale bronze and aluminum pours, including: shell molds, 2 ton crane, Speedy melts furnaces, ovens for molds, and burnout ovens
●      Spray booth
●      Sandblaster
●      Vacuum former
●      Various tools for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
●      Dimension Elite 3D printer
●      NextEngine 3D scanners
●      XYZ axis CNC router
●      High temperature decal printer
●      large wax pot and huge sandpit
●      metal lathe, milling machine
●      Small metal casting: furnace, torches, centrifugal casting machine, burnout kiln
●      Bandsaw, sanders, grinders, buffers
●      Two woodshop with everything you can imagine