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Hello Fellow Faculty/Staff Alumni,
Welcome to our chapter page! It is my honor to serve as the chair of this amazing chapter within the CSUSB Alumni Association.
Our chapter is for those of you who are double Coyotes! As a chapter member, each of us has received our education at CSUSB and work as faculty or staff. We are grateful to CSUSB for the remarkably high quality education we received as students; and through our positions of employment, we are so eager to contribute back to the success of our members, our campus, and our community. The mission of our chapter is to build a community that advocates and creates opportunities for the academic excellence, professional growth, and advancement of faculty, staff students, alumni, and community at large. Our core values are Professionalism, Excellence, Community, Innovation, Teamwork, Inclusiveness, Mutual Respect, and in capital letters FUN! Yes, FUN is in capital letters since not only do we provide connections, networking, and venues for success, but also we make these available through exciting activities and events that socially and emotionally support our members.
Our chapter membership is free for the first year. If you are a double coyote like me, I very much encourage you to join our chapter, and mission, by contacting our chapter at
Thanks again for visiting our webpage, and I look forward to seeing you in our chapter events soon.
Best Wishes,
Angie Arteaga
Class of 2012
Chair, CSUSB Faculty/Staff Alumni Chapter

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