Alumni Association Bylaws

Section 1:      Rights and Privileges
A.        No person other than an active or honorary member as defined in the Constitution shall be eligible to hold office or serve as a board member or committee chairperson.  Tenure of office or position shall terminate immediately in the event that such a person ceases to be an active member in good standing.
Section 1:      Presidential Duties
A.        To act as presiding and executive officer of the Association and the Board of Directors.
B.        To act as liaison between the campus, the community and the Association and to represent the Association at major university and community activities when so invited.
C.        To serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.
D.        To appoint all committees and committee chairpersons subject to ratification by the Board of Directors.
Section 2:      Vice Presidential Duties
A.        To act for the president in his/her absence or disability.
B.        In case of vacancy in the office of president, the vice president shall succeed to such office.


C.        To assist the president as liaison between the community and the Alumni Association.
Section 3:      Treasurer Duties
A.        To report regularly to the Board of Directors the state of the treasury and the size of the membership.
B.        To prepare, when requested and as appropriate, a budget for the Association with the assistance of the Office of Alumni Relations, and to present the same to the Board of Directors for approval.
C.        To exercise oversight functions with the assistance of the CSUSB Foundation Office in administering portions of the treasurer’s responsibilities.
D.        To confirm membership status of all Board Members.
Section 4:      Secretary Duties
  1. To record the proceedings of all Board of Directors meetings and maintain all records, including attendance.
  2. To notify Board of Directors members of meetings and send necessary meeting reminders.
  3. To inform the President if a Board member is subject to removal due to lack of attendance.


  1. To act as Alumni Association Historian.

Section 1:                              To manage the finances of the Association and to direct that an audit be made annually or at other times which shall be deemed appropriate.
Section 2:                              To arrange for all meetings of the general membership of the Association.
Section 3:                              To elect by a simple majority vote of members of the Board persons to fill vacancies in Board positions and offices.
Section 4:                              To plan a yearly calendar of activities for the Association.
Section 5:                              To accept the resignation of any officer, Board member or appointee and to suspend and/or remove an officer, Board member or appointee for cause as provided for in Article IV, Section 2 E and F of the Alumni Association Constitution.
Section 6:                              To elect honorary members of the Association.
Section 7:                              To recognize, from time to time, persons who have best served the Association.
Section 8:                              To advance the interests of the Alumni Association as defined by Article II of the Alumni Association Constitution.


Section 9:                              To provide oversight and guidance to local Alumni Association Chapters and Networks.
Section 10:                            To establish annual dues.
Section 1:                              The fiscal year of the Association shall be from July 1 to June 30.
Section 2:                              The support for the organization shall consist of annual dues to be established by the Board of Directors and paid by those alumni who wish to become active members as described in Article III of the Constitution.
Section 3:                              Any member may become a life member upon payment of dues as established by the Association Board of Directors.
Section 1:                              Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, immediate past-president, and the alumni director.  The Executive Committee is empowered to act on behalf of the Board in conducting routine business of the Association between regularly scheduled meetings.  Major policy decisions and fiscal matters must be approved by the full Board.


Section 2:                  Standing Committees
The Association shall have the following Standing Committees: Leadership Development, Scholarships and Awards, Programs, Finance and Membership Development.  The president shall appoint directors to chair these committees.  Committee chairs shall be appointed for one-year terms.  The powers and duties of the standing committees are outlined below.
Scholarships and Awards:
To bring visibility to the Alumni Association by establishing, promoting and administering the Alumni Association Awards Program, initiating new awards and selection criteria when appropriate; to establish, promote and administer the Alumni Association Scholars Fund, initiating new scholarships and selection criteria when appropriate; and to recommend a dollar amount for scholarship awards for the next fiscal year.
Programs and Events:
To establish social, cultural and educational programs for the general membership; to establish programs that will stimulate alumni engagement with the campus community; to prepare and submit a budget for Association-sponsored programs. Subcommittees will focus on Alumni Support (professional development programming) and Student Support (academic related programming).


Section 3:                  Ad Hoc Committees and Appointments
The president shall establish ad hoc committees in consultation with the Board and appoint chairs to these committees.  The president also shall appoint representatives to ad hoc University committees which request alumni representation. These may include:
Leadership Development:
To establish and conduct a search and recruitment process for vacant Board positions and offices and to prepare a slate of officers for election by the Board of Directors before June 30; to develop and conduct a new-member orientation program; to coordinate with the Executive Committee an annual strategic planning retreat; and to provide opportunities for in-service training and personal and professional development for members of the Board.
Membership Development:
To develop, administer and evaluate periodically a membership marketing and recruitment plan; to develop promotional campaigns and literature to encourage membership in the Association; to analyze the membership dues structure and recommend changes when appropriate; to provide the Board with membership activity reports; and to prepare a budget for membership development programs. 
Resource Development:
To assist the treasurer and alumni director in preparing an annual budget; to research and develop fund-raising activities.
Section 1:          Purpose
Chapter and Network formation shall be supported by the Association as a means of:
(1)       fostering an ongoing interest in California State University, San Bernardino for alumni living outside of the area;
(2)       providing financial support to California State University, San Bernardino, its students, faculty and programs.
(3)       encouraging continued engagement;
(4)       recognizing special achievements of alumni in their chosen professions or service to the University;
(5)       developing a communication link between alumni and their former academic departments/programs; and
(6)       identifying and supporting the special interest areas of alumni.
Section 2:          Procedures for Chapter or Network Formation
A.  Chapters must work with the Alumni Relations Office to establish a committee that will:
               (1)       generate chapter interest and membership within geographical locations.
               (2)       set the vision and direction for the chapter.
               (3)       slate volunteers to serve as officers and committee chairs.
               (4)       plan the initial programs.
               (5)       complete the necessary paperwork to be chartered officially.
B.  A Network representative must work with the Alumni Relations Office to:
               (1)       generate a list of Alumni who would like to participate based on academic affiliation, special interest, or cultural identity.
               (2)       develop Network purpose, mission and/or goals.
               (3)       plan initial program or activity.
               (4)       update the Alumni Relations Office on Network activities

Section 3:         Finances
The establishment of a Chapter’s or Network’s financial base shall not compete with the Association’s finances.

  1. The Association will aid Chapters and Networks financially if and when the need arises and only after Board approval.


  1. All disbursement of funds, collection of dues and deposits of money will be handled by the University’s Alumni Relations Office.


  1. Chapters and Networks will have the right to raise funds for the benefit of the Chapter or Network. Fund-raising activities shall not conflict with activities of the Association, and must be approved through the Alumni Relations Office.


  1. Chapters and Networks shall not obligate the Association financially for any programs, promotions, or activities without the direct approval of the Board of Directors.