Alumni Association Board Application

About the CSUSBAA

The Board of Directors of the California State University, San Bernardino Alumni Association (CSUSBAA) is dedicated to CSUSB Alumni’s mission of connecting all alumni to the University through communications, programs, services and volunteer opportunities.  The Board partners with the Office of Alumni Relations in the core functions of the department to uphold the mission of the CSUSBAA. Qualities considered important for effective CSUSBAA board members include:

  • Strong proven leadership both to CSUSB and the broader community
  • Commitment to active participation in events and programs sponsored by CSUSB Alumni and the University
  • Ability and willingness to assume the responsibilities of the Board, such as commitment to attend and participate in meetings, and to act as an informed ambassador for the university
  • Ability to work well with people individually and as part of a team
  • Excellent communication skills

As a member of the CSUSBAA Board, individuals are required to:

  • Upon election, become a current paid member of the Alumni Association for the duration of their tenure.
  • Accept and abide by the principles and mission of the Board.
  • Attend all meetings of the Board, which meets four times annually. Members who cannot attend meetings in person are expected to participate in the meetings via conference call.
  • Attend the Annual Meeting at Homecoming and any special board meetings called by the Board Officers.
  • Participate in two events annually, in addition to Homecoming. 
  • Serve actively on at least one CSUSB Alumni committee, participating in at least two-thirds of the committee meetings each year (in person or via conference call).
  • Prepared for discussion by reviewing the agenda and all supporting materials prior to board or committee meetings.
  • Contribute annually to the university at a level that is based on your own personal financial situation.
  • Follow code of ethics, conflict of interest, and confidentiality policies as indicated by the University.

Terms of Office:

Board members selected will serve for a three-year term.  Board Officers are elected in a separate process, which is open to current Board members only. 

Approval Process:

All nominations submitted will be reviewed by members of the CSUSBAA Leadership Development Subcommittee. The Leadership Development Committee will make recommendations to the Board. Qualified nominees will be put forth for election through a vote of the general membership. Terms begin on July 1.

All nominations must be submitted by the due date- no late submissions will be accepted.

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Please note that applications must be filled out completely to be considered.