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Meet My Advisor

Step 1

Login to myCoyote, open the My Academics tile, then select Navigate.

screenshot of Navigate tile on My Coyote

Step 2

Select the 'Schedule an Appointment' on the upper right corner of the Student Home page.

screenshot of schedule an appointment button

Step 3

Enter 'Academic Advising' for the Type of Appointment and Service. Select a date in the future under 'Pick a Date.' During peak advising times, advisors may not have availability sooner than two weeks.

screenshot of new appointment screen

Step 4

Select your advising center in the Location menu to narrow results. If your advising center does not appear, move the Date into the future until availability becomes listed. If your advising center still does not appear, please email

screenshot of location selector

Step 5

Select the time that you wish to schedule your appointment.

screenshot of available appointment times

Step 6

Review appointment details, leave comments that help your advisor best prepare for your upcoming meeting, then confirm to schedule.

screenshot of appointment confirmation screen

How to Cancel an Academic Advising Appointment

Step 1

Login to Navigate, and then select the upcoming appointment you wish to cancel. The appointment should be in the lower-right corner of your Student Homepage.

screenshot of upcoming appointment on Navigate

Step 2

Select Cancel My Attendance on the Manage Appointment pop-up window that appears.

screenshot of management appointment window

Step 3

In the Reason drop-down menu, select "Cancel My Appointment," and then select Mark As Cancelled.

screenshot of updated Manage Appointment window