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Core Values of Academic Advising


PAWS / Transfer Courses: Ext. 75200 option 4

Each undergraduate student is equipped with a Program Advising Worksheet to help determine which requirements still need to be satisfied. For questions contact the Evaluations office.

Campus Procedures

Office of the Registrar
University Hall 171

  • Office of the Registrar: Ext. 77671
  • Change of Major (PDF) 

    • In order to change or add a major students must submit the form to the Office of the Registrar.

  • Concurrent Enrollment (PDF) 

    Ext. 77671.
    If your student would like to take classes at a California Community College while being enrolled as a student here at CSUSB they must complete a Concurrent Enrollment form. They can also use the Assist website to help determine equivalent courses.
  • Grade Forgiveness:
    If your student has repeated a course and would like for the first attempt to be removed from the GPA have them complete the Grade Forgiveness form. For questions call Ext. 75200 option 2
  • Graduation Requirement Check:
  • If your student believes they are close to being within one year of graduation it is important that they make plans to speak with an Evaluator about filing a Graduation Requirement Check. For questions contact Ext. 75200 option 4
  • Course Overload Permit:
    Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors without a Graduation Requirement Check on file will need to have a Course Overload Permit signed by the Dean of the College of their major in order to take more than the allotted 17 units per term. (Seniors with a Graduation Requirement Check on file can register for 19.5 units without a permit.)You can pick up the permit from the Office of the Registrar (UH 171), your department office or Advising & Academic Services (University Hall Room 380).

University Hall 380

  • Leave of Absence:  Ext. 75034 or 75035
  • Repeating Courses 
    Students can repeat a course up to 3 times without special arrangements. If a student would like to take a course again after that they will need to submit the Course Repeat form with the Academic Success and Undergraduate Advising.
  • Simultaneous Enrollment: Ext. 75200
    Registering for courses where the times overlap.
  • Withdrawals: Ext.75034 or 75035


  • Course Substitution
    a. For courses that fall under the major please speak with the Chair of the declared major.
    b. For courses that fall under the General Education umbrella please contact the office of Advising and Academic Services (UH 380)
  • Incomplete Grade
    a. This is determined in consultation with the student's instructor. Your student must speak with them to see if they believe this is an option for them.


  • Satisfactory Academic Progress 
    To comply with federal and state requirements, California State University, San Bernardino established an Annual Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy. This policy applies reasonable standards for measuring whether a student, is maintaining SAP toward the completion of his/her educational objective.