Advising Tips Videos

Episode 1: Why Advising Tips?

Episode 2: What is Academic Probation?

Episode 3: How many units should I take?

Episode 4: Coyote Advising Week

Episode 5: Four Year Graduation Pledge

Episode 6: Grade Forgiveness

Episode 7: Simultaneous Enrollment

Episode 8: What does Advising & Academic Services do?

Episode 9: Student Responsibility

Episode 10: Bloopers Edition Part I

Episode 11: Finals Week Encouragement

Episode 12: Student Success

Episode13: Bloopers Edition Part II

Episode 14: Happy Holidays 2015

Episode 15: New Year's Resolutions

Episode 16: Writing Center

Episode 17: Class level

Episode 18: Census Date

Episode 19: Study Groups

Episode 20: How to Change Your Major

Episode 21: Peer advisors

Episode 22: Returning back

Episode 23: Bloopers Edition Part III

Episode 24: Attending Class

Episode 25: Course Overload Permit

Episode 26: Priority Registration

Episode 27: Withdrawal Petition

Episode 28: What is a Minor?

Episode 29: Avoiding Procrastination

Episode 30: What is the Career Center?

Episode 31: Drop after Census

Episode 32: Bloopers Edition Part IV

Episode 33: What is self care?

Episode 34: How to manage time

Episode 35: How to e-mail my professor

Episode 36: Power of Positivity 

Episdoe 37: The 50/10 Rule

Episode 38: How to survive lecture classes

Episode 39: What does your social media say about you?

Episode 40: Testing and Tutoring

Episode 41: Bloopers Edition Part V

Episode 42: Grad Check

Episode 43: Self Reflection

Episode 44: What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Episode 45: PAWS Report

Episode 46: Add after Census

Episode 47: Calculating Your GPA

Episdoe 48: Midterms

Episode 49: Leave of Absence

Episode 50: Final Tips