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Two-Year Graduation Pledge

 Fall 2021 Semester:

Invitations to apply for the Two Year Pledge have been sent to eligible incoming transfer students. Additional invites will be sent throughout July/August as final official transcripts are submitted and reviewed. If you have any questions, please e-mail

California State University, San Bernardino is committed to assisting students in earning a baccalaureate degree in the shortest time possible. With careful planning and a commitment to work diligently, many students have been able to graduate in two years. For its part, the university has consistently worked to provide an academic schedule and degree requirements that can be completed in two years by students willing to devote their time and energy to full time enrollment and study. Well-qualified and hard-working students, who have earned an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) in a similar major/degree at CSUSB, should set the completion of an undergraduate program as their goal. The university is prepared to help students reach this goal.

Full time enrollment and involvement in campus life and activities should make the years at Cal State stimulating, engaging and rewarding. A healthy balance of study, work, and leisure is critical to academic success. The careful integration of classroom study, building relationships with university faculty and staff, investment in campus resources and involvement in co-curricular clubs and activities is essential to ensuring that knowledge attained at the university results in fully qualified graduates. These individuals use the critical skills, facts, competencies and achievements of the college years for active and productive citizenship, useful employment, and life-long learning.

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What is the California Promise Program?

The California Promise Program, established by Senate Bill 412, required the California State University (CSU) system to offer pledge programs designed to facilitate first-time students in completing their baccalaureate degree in either two years (Transfer Students) or four years (First Time Freshman).

Students who commit to enter either the four-year or the two-year graduation pledge programs will be given a higher registration appointment for each term and will be provided with routine and thorough academic advisement.

The program is limited to students who are residents of California.

CSU, San Bernardino commits to this promise by establishing the Two Year Graduation Pledge Program and the Four Year Graduation Pledge Program. To support students in this endeavor, the university pledges to provide a quality educational experience with an academic schedule and degree requirements, which can be completed by students who are willing to devote their time and energy to full-time enrollment.

Two-Year Graduation Pledge Subgroups

Entering transfer students who:

  • Two-Year Graduation Pledge - For majors not listed in the California Promise
  • California Promise Two-Year Graduation Pledge (Limited Space) - Must be a California Resident in one of the following majors declared:
    • Administration - Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Sports & Entertainment Marketing Concentrations only
    • Anthropology
    • Chemistry (B.A.)
    • Communication - Relational and Organizational Communication Concentration, Media Studies Concentrations only
    • Computer Systems - Game Development Concentration only
    • Criminal Justice
    • Economics - Applied Economics, General Economics, Mathematical Economics only
    • English - Creative Writing, Linguistics, Literature Tracks only
    • Geography
    • Geology (B.A.) - General Geology Concentration 
    • Global Studies
    • History - General, Pre-Credential Concentrations
    • Kinesiology - Exercise Science, Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education Concentrations only
    • Mathematics (B.A.)
    • Political Economy
    • Political Science
    • Public History
    • Social Sciences - Economics, Geography, Political Science Concentrations
    • Sociology - General Track, Social Service and Community Research Tracks only

Who is Eligible?

All entering transfers who:

  • Have earned an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) in a similar major/degree at CSUSB. 
  • Are willing to earn 30 semester units or more per academic year (degree applicable).

How to apply?

  • Entering transfers who have met the eligibility requirements for the program will be invited to apply for the Two-Year Graduation Pledge Program. 
  • Invitation to the program will be e-mailed to your CSUSB e-mail account by mid-July 2021.

What is the student’s obligation?

Upon entering the Two-Year Graduation Pledge Program, a student must:

  • Remain in the major declared until graduation, not changing or adding any major or minor unless otherwise approved.
  • Earn at least 15 units per term and/or earn at least 30 semester units per academic year.
  • Submit an Education Plan within their first academic term to plan and track their degree coursework and requirements. 
  • Be committed to seeking and receiving advising consultation for course selection and completion of an advisor-approved education plan per term.
  • Maintain good academic standing while in the program.
  • Utilize their higher registration appointment date to ensure enrollment in proper courses according to advisor-approved education plan.
  • File their Graduation Check no later than the Fall term of their 2nd and final academic year.

For questions, please email