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Withdrawal Petition

**If you are a Financial Aid recipient and if approved, funds may have to be returned for the term(s) in question. Consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to processing this petition.

The Withdrawal Petition for Extenuating Circumstances can now be submitted online.

Please review the Withdrawal Petition instructions.

Withdrawal Petition for Extenuating Circumstances (PDF)

Have questions? Please e-mail Janet Brooks at 

Please allow 5 - 7 working days for processing.

Requests for Withdrawal beginning the 9th week and Retroactive Term Withdrawals shall be permitted for serious and compelling reasons, such as accident or serious illness, where the cause of withdrawal was due to circumstances clearly beyond the student's control and an Incomplete was not assigned. Extenuating circumstances must be shown to have prevented withdrawal in a more timely fashion. Documentation is required. Poor performance or poor attendance in the course is not an acceptable reason to withdraw after the term. Employment-related reasons are also unacceptable. Lack of awareness of the withdrawal procedure is not an extenuating circumstance. All courses must be withdrawn and will be noted with a “W” on the permanent record. If approved, such withdrawals will not count against the 28 units students are allowed to withdraw.

The purpose of the retroactive withdrawal process is to allow for extenuating circumstances which resulted in a student’s inability to process the Drop After The Census Date petition(s) before the end of the 8th week of the quarter. Petitions are available in the office of Advising and Academic Services.

The circumstances acceptable for review:

  1. Due to documented medical injury or illness.
  2. Due to documented psychological reasons.

  3. Due to emergency military obligation reasons.

  4. Death of an immediate family member during the quarter in question.

  5. Other documented circumstances which may have prevented the student from coming to the university to process Drop After Census Date petition(s).

  6. Documented university personnel miscommunication or error.

Requirements for All courses in Term to Be Retroactively Withdrawn

The documentation must fulfill the following SIX requirements:

  1. Explain the reasons for not completing the Drop After Census Date petition(s) during the quarter in question.
  2. Have the student’s name as the primary subject. This includes situations in which the student became a primary caregiver to a family member during the quarter in question. A letter from a physician or nurse indicating the student’s role is acceptable.
  3. Be an original document, not photocopied. There may be exceptions such as police reports, death certificates, or released medical records. Faxed documentation may be acceptable in situations were documentation source is out-of-state or country.
    Documentation which appears to have been forged or altered will result in university student disciplinary action.
  4. Be written on official letterhead stationary, with an office logo, an address, phone number and contact person. In cases involving university personnel miscommunication or error, an Email from the department is acceptable. In cases involving the death of an immediate family member (parent, grandparent, sibling, guardian, or child) a funeral program or a public obituary notice is acceptable.
  5. The date or time period related to the reason for the retroactive withdrawal must be within the quarter in question and must be stated in the documentation.
  6. Signed by the professional providing the support. Acceptable professionals include physicians, psychologists, CSUSB Counseling Center Staff, social work or rehab personnel, EOP or SAIL counselor, pastor, priest, rabbi, clergy official or lawyer.

The petition will be denied if one or more of the above six requirements are not satisfactorily completed.

Also, the petition will be denied if documentation is for Employment or work related reasons.

Additional Requirement For Partial Withdrawal after the 9th week of the term and Retroactively Withdrawn Request

  1. An explanation as to why only requesting partial withdrawal even though the documentation supports a complete withdrawal for the quarter.

The petition(s) is completed with approval and signature of the Director of Academic Services. Copies of the approved petition are distributed to:

          a. Office of the Registrar

          b. Advising & Academic Services

          c. Dean of the student’s college

          d. Student

The student’s grades will be changed to a “W” and will be noted on the official transcript but will not count toward their 28-Unit limit.

Limit on how many terms a students can retroactively withdraw: 2 Terms