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Leave of Absence

Any student planning to be absent for more than two terms must file a leave of absence petition to preserve the student's current Catalog rights (Title 5, Article 5, Sec. 40401). A Petition must be filed and approved at the office of Advising and Academic Services. See the CSUSB Catalog for the complete policy or check the CSUSB website.

Please read these instructions before turning in the Leave of Absence petition.

  1. This form is for undergraduate students only. If you are a credential or graduate student, please visit the Graduate Studies website and contact them about their petition form.
  2. Print your Name, E-Mail, Address, Coyote ID, Phone Number, and Major.
  3. Will you be absent MORE than two consecutive quarters or plan to enroll in another 4-Year university? If yes, then continue filling out the form. If no, then this petition is not needed. Summer does not count as a quarter.
  4. Circle the last term enrolled. Write the Year.
  5. Circle the term you plan to return. Write the Year.
  6. Remember (6) terms is the limit unless special medical circumstances exist.
  7. Check the category which best describes the type of Leave you are requesting.
       a. If Medical, make certain a doctor's note is attached. 
       b. If U.S. Military, you have a maximum of five years. See the Veteran's Coordinator in UH-171 or call (909) 537-5213 for additional information regarding special concerns such as withdrawing courses.
       c. If Educational, circle this option and make sure you submit a concurrent enrollment form in UH-171 for courses you plan to take.
       d. If Personal, circle this option and provide a full explanation as to why you cannot attend.
  8. Financial Aid students: Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.
  9. International Students: Contact the Center for International Studies and Programs. You must have approval from their office.
  10. Turn in to:

       Currently, Advising & Academic Services will be operating remotely.
       Please scan and e-mail your petition to

       Advising and Academic Services
       California State University, San Bernardino
       5500 University Parkway
       San Bernardino, CA 92407

       OR, FAX to (909) 537-7073

Contact the Office of the Registrar in UH-171 when you plan to return back.

Extensions may be filed if you are within the 6 term limit or if medical circumstances arise. Re-file this petition for an extension of a leave of absence.