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Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee will provide guidance and support for CSU and CSUSB advocacy efforts at the local, state and national levels. 

Committee members will:  

  • Advise the university on best ways in which to build and maintain strong relationships with legislators and policymakers; 
  • Provide advice in framing key issues and messages to be shared with the public, opinion leaders and decision makers; 
  • Identify and facilitate introductions to individuals who have influence with legislators and might be called upon to assist the CSU and CSUSB;
  • Participate as needed in legislative visits and advocacy events; and
  • Consider and make recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding legislative issues on which the board might take action.

The Advocacy Committee shall be comprised of no less than seven (7) members. A quorum shall consist of four (4) committee members.  Decisions shall require approval of a minimum of four committee members.

Mr. Louis G. Monville, III '94
Senior Vice President, Raincross Hospitality Corporation 
Chair, Advocacy Committee