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California State University, San Bernardino is committed to helping students achieve their educational and career goals.  We understand that the pursuit of higher education is determined in part by the hopes and dreams of what happens after graduation.  At CSUSB students can obtain practical experiences which prepare them for their future.  These experiences happen through campus leadership, internships, student employment, academic research and career planning.

Leadership Opportunities

With over 150 clubs and organizations at California State University, San Bernardino, you will find a way to connect with your peers over shared interests.  Clubs and Organizations are also a great way to gain practical leadership experience.  You can become a club officer, become the responsible member for leading a program or work with CSUSB faculty and staff to work on projects that can change campus policy.  Club and organization student leaders are recognized annually at the Coyote Leadership Awards.

Internships and Student Employment

Students gain career experience through internships and student employment during the course of their time at California State University, San Bernardino.  The CSUSB Career Center is available to help students find internships and student employment through various resources, including a jobs database, Career Launch, which lists on campus and off campus job opportunities.

Academic Research

Students in all disciplines at California State University, San Bernardino are involved in academic research.  The Office of Student Research, provides a listing of opportunities, programs and research grants that are available to undergraduate students. One of the most popular programs is the OSR Summer Research Program, which provides funding and resources to support any undergraduates who are interested in any research projects or scholarly activities related to their field.

Career Planning

As students near graduation they will turn to the CSUSB Career Center to assist with resume writing, job applications and preparing for interviews. Students should utilize the resources of the Career Center throughout their time at CSUSB, so that they are ready for what will happen after graduation.  In addition to career counseling, the Career Center also provides information on attending graduate school.