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Previous A& F Division Staff Award Recipients

Summer 2021

Sara Garcia - Staff Development Center 
Calvin Moore - Facilities Services - Custodial Services  
Tiffany Talley - Procurement and Contracts 

Mid-Spring 2021

Gina Tipre - University Police 
Danielle Duran - Human Resources
Benjamin Virzi - Environmental Health & Safety

Early-Spring 2021

Baneza Garibay - Human Resources 
Brittany Thompson - Procurement & Contracts
Kimberly Preciado - Accounting Services

Fall 2020

Guillermo Gomez - Facilities Services - Custodial Services
Kathleen Ingersoll - UEC - Corporate Office
Melinda Jensen - Accounting Services

Summer 2020

Lilia Murga- Student Financial Services
Grace Wichert - Procurement & Contracts
Gina Hopkins - Facilities Planning & Management

Spring 2020

Linda Alsobrooks - Financial Services
Paola Lima - Facilities Planning & Management
Kimberly Downey - University Police

Winter 2020

Shontel Zamora - Parking & Transportation
Serena Aguirre - Human Resources
Mike Morse - Printing Services

Fall 2019 

Jacqueline Jegonia - Student Financial Services
Joel Kindt - Facilities Management
Jovi Galarza - Payroll Services

Summer 2019

George Lopez - Facilities Management
Jen Skinner - Finance & Administrative Services
Marissa Boles - Staff Development Center 

Spring 2019

Carly Hanson - Payroll Services
Mark Casillas - Facilities Management - Grounds
Ernesto Delgado - Printing Services

Winter 2019

Gabriel Magana - Facilities Planning, Design & Construction
Joseph Ornelas - Student Employment
Debbie Gonzalez - Parking Services

Fall 2018

Polet Milian - Human Resources 
Devin Sole - Receiving & Mail Services
Noel Collado - Facilities Services - Custodial Services 

Summer 2018 

Grace Wichert - Procurement & Contract Services
Lawrence Figuerres - Auxiliary Accounting
Michael Harris - University Police Department 

Spring Quarter 2018

Tiffany Talley - Procurement
Stephanie Duran - Parking & Transportation Services
George Lorenz - Facilities Management

Winter Quarter 2018

Cathie Weber - Accounts Payable
Jeff Beal - Facilities Management
Jaime Tricinella - Payroll

Fall Quarter 2017

LeAndre Carswell - Facilities Management
Tiffany Angel Ruiz - Human Resources
Selicia Kennedy Ross - University Police

Summer Quarter 2017

Sarah Powell - Accounting Services
Benjamin Virzi - Environmental Health & Safety
Jorge Esparza - Facilities Management

Spring Quarter 2017

Danelle Apodaca - Budget & Financial Operations
James Bradford -  University Police Department
Paige Griffin - Facilities Management

Winter Quarter 2017

David Barker - Facilities Services
Marie Torres - Purchasing
Edgar Gama - Parking & Transportation Services

Fall Quarter 2016

Keith Askew - Mail Services
Grace Munyiri - Parking & Transportation Services
Rodrigo Mercado - Human Resources

Summer Quarter 2016

Siska Purnawan - Auxiliary Financial Services
Geoffrey Reeves - Facilities Management
Lilia Murga - Student Financial Services

Spring Quarter 2016

Juan Gallaga Zavala - Facilities Management
Crystal Henderson - Accounting Services
Rhonda Siegal - Facilities Planning & Management

Winter Quarter 2016

Cindy Levin - Accounts Payable
David Locklin - Facilities Management
Aimee Salazar - Human Resources

Fall Quarter 2015

Michael Gollihar - Facilities Management
Elizabeth Mendoza - University Police 
Carlos Robles - Facilities, Planning, Design & Construction

Winter 2014

Debbie Gawryluk- Human Resources
Courtney Campanale- University Police
Karen Prill- General Accounting
David Locklin- Facilities Services

Fall 2013

Yolanda Gamble- Student Accounts
Lydia Lopez- Facilities Services
Teri Thoreson- Payroll
Rosa Garcia- CPDC
Shirley Dorsey- Payroll

Spring 2013

Ingrid Valdez- Human Resources, UEC
Erica Youngblood- Payroll
Kathy Pierson- EH&S
Alex Maculsay- Budget
Cindy Lopez- Student Accounts

Winter 2013

Brenda Talley- Facilities Services
Lisa White- Human Resources
Ruth Smith- Facilities Services
Emily Carnehl- Printing Services
Patti Jo Foye- University Police
Charlene Earl- Property Management
Crystal Wymer-Lucero- Athletics

Fall 2012

Orlando Reynolds- Events Scheduling
Lance Thompson- Athletics
Carla Williamson- CPDC
Amy Beran- Purchasing
Kathy Holloway- Facilities Services

Summer 2012

Jose Medina- Facilities Services
John Sandoval- Facilities Services
Teri Vargas- Payroll
Susan Parker- Parking Services
Anabel Escamilla- Budget Office

Spring 2012

Cathy Jackson- Facilities Services
Dieter Braune- Facilities Services
Travis Clarke- Athletics
Jennifer Tuioti- Human Resources
David Hernandez- Facilities Services
Phil Havins- Mail Services

Winter 2012

Stacy Montano- Human Resources
Franschell Williams- CPDC
Ricardo Hooper- Athletics
Mark Reinhiller- Athletics
Jim O'Linger- IRT

Fall 2011

Julie Jenkins- Facilities Services
Holly Konecny- Auxiliary Accounting
Melinda Jensen- Auxiliary Accounting
Carlos Robles- CPDC
Marsha Teague- Accounts Payable
Brittany Schroeder-Payroll

Summer 2011

Kim Bui- Custodial Services
Ron Loring- Custodial Services
Erica Youngblood- Payroll
Claudia Campos- Bursar
Michelle Fuller- Auxiliary Accounting
Jeff Whitman- Facilities Services

Spring 2011

Camille Cicotello- Student Accounts
George Hammons- Parking Services
Grace Wichert- Human Resources
Vicki Clowdus- Purchasing
David Locklin- Custodial Services
Justin Ambos- Custodial Services

Winter 2011

Mimi Badulis- General Accounting
Dan Filadelfia- CPDC
Peggy Holden- Facilities Services
April Meinzer- Foundation
Avelina Saavedra- Purchasing
Carla Williamson- Auxiliary Accounting

Fall 2010

Steve Burse- Facilities Services
Michelle Dyck-Turner- Facilities Services
Scott Kovach- University Police
Marilyn Lymuel- Student Accounts
Luz Ortiz- CPDC
Christia Williams- Human Resources

Summer 2010

Vernon Dorsey- Facilities Services
Pam Duran- Payroll
Devon Herrington- University Police
Jacquie Lawler- Accounting