Determine prior to hiring the individual to perform services if the individual can be classified as an independent contractor. The department (more specifically, the University manager/designee supervising the services) must review both the Limitations / Restrictions and the 23 Determination Factors to ensure the individual can be classified as an independent contractor.

The department must also contact the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources at x75138 to verify that the individual is an independent contractor and CSUSB employee status does not apply.

If after consulting with the AVP, Human Resources, a determination still cannot be made, contact the Accounts Payable Manager at x75155 for additional sources to contact for assistance.

Prepare the Independent Contractor Invoice as soon as possible, a minimum of three weeks before the scheduled service. The department must obtain the independent contractor's original signature on the invoice form PRIOR to the provision of service, as the Independent Contractor Invoice includes a waiver of liability that the independent contractor is required to sign before service is allowed to commence. If the independent contractor fails or refuses to sign this waiver, the department cannot allow the contractor to provide services. Payment will not be issued for any independent contractor not signing the Independent Contractor Invoice form.

Payee Data Record Form 204 must be completed by the independent contractor before payment can be issued. Payee Data Record forms are mandatory for all vendors paid by the University. If you believe this individual has performed independent contractor services for the University, you may contact Accounts Payable at x75155 to inquire if a Payee Data Record for this individual is already on file.

Once a service has been provided, the University manager/designee supervising the service must sign off on the Independent Contractor Invoice and forward this form, along with the Payee Data Record, to Accounts Payable for payment processing.