Any State employee who will be requesting a reimbursement from campus controlled funds. (Direct deposit is not available for reimbursements to State employees from non-campus funds controlled by UEC, The Philanthropic Foundation for CSUSB, Associated Students Inc., or the Santos Manual Student Union.)

  • Students, non-State employees, independent contractors, and vendors may not sign up for Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit.
  • Students receiving funds from the university via Financial Aid, please refer to the Financial Aid website for instructions regarding signing up for student direct deposit.
  • Non-employees and others - direct deposit/electronic fund transfers are not available for these individuals at this time.

Once the request has been submitted, please allow five business days for the Accounts Payable system to be updated. If a payment is due prior to the establishment of your direct deposit information, the payment will be issued in the form of a check and mailed to address provided on the payment request.

No, not at this time; however, we do encourage employees to sign up for this benefit in order to save the personal time and expense of running to the bank. You will also be assisting in reducing processing and mailing costs for the campus.

An email notification that a payment has been processed will be sent to your campus email address you identify on your enrollment form.

Yes. You may identify your campus email address AND one other personal address on the enrollment form. If you do and you should wish at a later date to change or delete an email address, a new enrollment form is required.

  • Direct deposit payments are processed three times a week during the regular campus work schedule.
  • Please allow sufficient processing time for Travel Advances (advance requests must be submitted to Accounts Payable at least 5 business days before the date the payment is requested)

Accounts Payable will process the direct deposits (day 1) and our campus bank will "settle" the transactions the following business banking day (day 2). The direct deposit may be posted to your bank account as early as the settlement date (day 2) or later, depending on your specific bank. Please check with your bank as to their specific posting procedures/timing.

  • If this is the first payment via direct deposit, and if any of the information provided is not correct (either on the form or in the system), the bank will reject the payment and Accounts Payable will investigate to take corrective action. In the meantime, it may be necessary to issue a check until the problem is resolved.
  • If a bank or bank account is changed and Accounts Payable is not notified in a timely manner, the direct deposit may be rejected and it becomes necessary to reimburse via check.
  • If system (internal or external) problems occur at the time the direct deposit pay cycle is run, it may be necessary to issue payment via check.