Video Tutorials

If you're too busy to attend our in-person training classes, or you simply require a quick refresher on a specific accessibility technique, you'll appreciate our expanding selection of succinct tutorial videos. Check back frequently, we're in the procees of creating video tutorials for each of our monthly training classes:

Grackle Docs Accessible PDF Creation

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Manually Edit YouTube Auto-Gen Captions

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Drupal Content Editors

Individuals designated as Drupal Content Editors must ensure that information placed on their respective website(s) follows accessibility best practices. 

  • Images must include an Alt text description
  • Links must be masked with descriptive text
  • Videos must have captions (YouTube auto-gen captions must be manually edited)
  • Audio must have a plaintext transcript available
  • Headings must be used logically (in numerical order)
  • Digital content such as PDF, Word, and PowerPoint documents must also be accessible

We have provided a variety of guides to assist you in following the above principles:

In-Person Monthly Training Classes

If you would prefer a more traditional approach to learning, or if you need to set aside time in your schedule to devote to learning accessibility techniques, Accessible Technology has in-person training workshops held once per quarter. You can check the calendar on the ITS Training website for class schedules and to sign-up to attend these workshops. Below is a description of our standing quarterly in-person training workshops:

Accessible Documents and Email Communication

Learn accessibility techniques for creating accessible emails and documents using Microsoft Outlook and Word. The covered accessibility techniques are also applicable to most email and word processing applications.  If you are responsible for sending emails to a wide distribution list or for creating documentation or guides, by attending you will ensure that your email and documentation is accessible to your entire audience. You will learn how to utilize the Word accessibility checker prior to PDF creation, Grackle Docs add-on in the Google Docs ecosystem, and use of the accessibility tools built into Adobe Acrobat DC for creating accessible PDFs.

Web Accessibility for Drupal Content Editors

If you update webpage information for your department or college website then you are a Drupal content editor. Whenever you add to content you should follow best practices to ensure your information is fully accessible to all individuals on the web. This workshop reviews the techniques required to ensure your content remains accessible and in addition, covers the WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool) resource, which is a simple tool that allows you to check your website for accessibility conformance. Attend this session to learn best practices, go through the process of checking a website for accessibility, review accessibility conformance results, and understand the process of content remediation as a Drupal Content Editor.

Multimedia Accessibility

Learn techniques to make your audio and video content accessible, whether it's on the web, in the classroom, or broadcast as an event on campus, you will learn best practices for adding captions to YouTube, creating transcripts, and other tips for your multimedia presentations, as well as the resources available at your disposal to ensure your content is accessible to your entire audience.

Overview of the Accessible Procurement Process for ICT Purchases

When ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is purchased or renewed, this processes reviews the accessibility of products/systems to ensure that equal access to information is provided for all constituents. In this workshop, the presenter steps through the ICT Accessibility & Security Review online form and provides a general overview of the process. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions or unique situations for discussion. If you are an individual who is responsible for purchasing for your unit, this workshop will provide you with a good understanding of what is expected for ICT purchases.

Custom Training Requests

Accessible Technology can provide one-on-one training, or embed into your existing department meetings, a variety of accessibility topics to suit your specifications.  If you would like to propose a topic and/or audience contact us via email at