Accessible Procurement Process

This webpage provides instructions for University employees and organizations that wish to purchase and implement technology equipment, products or services in accordance with University guidelines and policies. 
This information also serves as an overview for vendors that wish to understand the University's process for procurement of information technology (IT) products and services.

CSUSB is required to review campus technology purchases for accessibility. Information Technology Services (ITS) conducts accessibility review via the Accessible Technology Initiative guidelines. If you are making a technology purchase, regardless of payment method, please be sure to complete the ICT Accessibility & Security Online Review form.  The ICT Accessibility Review form replaces the fillable PDF E&IT Checklist form which is no longer required.

Upon completed form submission, the Accessible Technology Initiative office will review the purchase for accessibility and impact and provide notifications to the Procurement office.  Your college or division lead ITC may also be required to review this technology purchase to ensure that it is compatible with existing CSUSB technology infastructure. Certain technology purchases may require a vendor supplied Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT). This document is completed and supplied by the vendor of the product you are purchasing. You can provide a blank VPAT with instructions to your vendor should they require it.