Accessible Procurement Process Overview

This webpage provides instructions for CSUSB employees and auxiliary organizations that wish to purchase and implement technology equipment, products, or services in accordance with university guidelines and policies. 
This information also serves as an overview for vendors that wish to understand the university's process for the procurement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products and services.
For an in-depth description of the accessible procurement process, please review the PDF document 

Download a PDF document of CSUSB's Accessible Procurement of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 

CSUSB is required to review campus technology purchases for accessibility and security requirements. ITS Accessible Technology, and the Information Security and Emerging Technologies office, conduct ICT product accessibility and security reviews as outlined in the CSU Accessible Procurement Framework. If you are making a technology purchase, regardless of the payment method, you must complete the ICT Accessibility & Security Online Review form (except for those items on the Pre-Approved Technology Purchases list below).  The ICT Accessibility & Security Review online form replaces the fillable PDF E&IT Checklist form which been deprecated.

As you are reviewing a product for purchase, think about the accessibility of that product, just as you would think of a particular product feature:

  1. Search for "product XYZ accessibility" on the web to identify overall accessibility themes of the product
  2. Ask the product vendor about the accessibility of their product
  3. Ask the product vendor to provide you with a completed VPAT (Accessibility Conformance Report)
  4. If the outlook for the product's accessibility looks poor (vendor is unaware or unwilling to engage), investigate a competitor product that meets your needs

What should I do if the vendor has questions about their VPAT?

If you have requested a VPAT/Accessibility Conformance Report from your vendor, and they are unsure about the requirement, or they have additional questions, you can refer them to our ICT Accessibility Specialist, Constance Jones x77282, who will brief them on the requirements of the CSU Accessible Procurement Process.

Accessibility & Security Review

Upon submission of a completed ICT form, Accessibility Services will review the purchase impact, determine the extent of review, communicate with the product vendor, and provide email notifications to the requestor as this process continues.  The review process depends on several factors including the impact of your purchase, the product's existing level of accessibility, and the cooperation of the vendor during this process. Information Security requirements will also be vetted, as a parallel process, during this stage.

The requestor is copied on all communication with the vendor, this provides transparency and allows the requestor to help expedite the vendor response if required. If you have a specific question on the status of your ICT Accessibility & Security Review submission, email or call x75079 and choose option 5.

When you are Ready to Purchase:

Attempt to Collect an Accessibility Conformance Report (ACR) (Purchase Requestor)

The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is a blank document to be filled by a product vendor. Once a blank VPAT has been completed by a vendor it is then known as an Accessibility Conformance Report or (ACR). The vendor is responsible for providing this document, however, it may be readily available on the product vendor's website. If required, you can supply a blank VPAT with instructions to your vendor should they require it. Upload ACR documentation via the ICT Accessibility & Security Review online form. Alternatively, you can send the ACR as an attachment to after completion of the ICT Accessibility & Security Review online form.

Submit the ICT Accessibility & Security Review Online Form (Purchase Requestor)

Accessibility & Security Review Approval Completion

Once both the Accessibility & Information Security reviews are complete, the requestor will receive an email approval notification from one of our Accessibility Services team members. Attached to this email will be a PDF approval document which should be included along with your requisition paperwork to Purchasing.

ICT Form Not Required for the Following Items:

Pre-Approved Technology Purchases

  1. Software maintenance agreements alone (without renewal of software)
  2. Certain hardware, computers, and peripherals
  3. Software already licensed for the campus by Information Technology Services (ITS)
  4. Digital content
  5. Certain web applications and cloud services

Web Applications and Cloud Services

Pre-approved campus standard cloud services should be used where they provide equivalent functionality. Exception requests to use a non-standard cloud technology require a documented business reason why the campus provided standard technology cannot be used.  The cloud computing services listed below have been pre-approved:

  • Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive - (replaces DropBox, box, iCloud, Amazon)
  • Qualtrics survey platform - (replaces SurveyMonkey and WuFoo)
  • Zoom video conferencing - (replaces GoToMeeting)

Digital Content

  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Music
  • Photographs
  • Data
  • Video-based information/data. However, since all video material requires captions, select a source version that has captions included.

Software Already Site Licensed for Campus by Information Technology Services

The following software is already available through Information Technology Services for campus use, do not complete an ICT Accessibility & Security Review the following software items:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Acrobat DC Pro, Photoshop and other tools)
  • Android
  • Blackboard Collaborate
  • Camtasia
  • Dragon Dictate and Naturally Speaking
  • iOS
  • JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS
  • MacOS
  • Mathematica
  • ESET Nod32 AntiVirus
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote)
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Respondus
  • Snagit
  • SPSS

Hardware, Computers, and Peripherals

Acquisition of 20 or more computers or tablets does require the purchase requestor to fill out the ICT Accessibility & Security Review online form except if the bulk order is replacing existing units as part of the desktop refresh cycle. The following hardware does not require a form submission:

  • Adapters
  • Apple iMac
  • Apple iPad and iPod
  • Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac
  • Android tablets
  • Batteries
  • Cables
  • Cameras and video cameras
  • Dell computers ordered via Premiere portal
  • Disks and tapes
  • Digital voice recorders
  • Displays
  • Docking Stations
  • DVD players
  • Fusers
  • Hard drives
  • Headphones and headsets
  • Ink
  • Keyboards
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Mice
  • Microsoft Surface tablets
  • Monitors
  • Network Attached Storage devices (NAS)
  • Port replicators
  • Scanners
  • Sound cards
  • Video cards
  • Speakers
  • Televisions
  • Toner
  • Trackballs and trackpads
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • USB drives
  • USB hubs
  • Video cards

Standalone Renewal of Software Maintenance Agreements Without Renewal of Software (Software Support Contracts)

If you are renewing coverage for software maintenance and support alone, without the renewal of a software license, do not fill out the ICT Accessibility & Security Review online form. If software maintenance renewal is packaged along with the renewal of a software license, do complete the ICT Accessibility & Security Review online form.