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Call for participants: CSUSB Summer Virtual Teaching Institute (SVTI)

Posted by: Jessica Nerren
May 27, 2020
Virtual Teaching

To help you further strengthen your virtual teaching for Fall semester, Academic Technologies & Innovation and the Teaching Resource Center invite you to participate in CSUSB’s Summer Virtual Teaching Institute (SVTI). Each faculty participant (adjunct, full-time lecturers, and tenure-line) will receive $1,000 in support for their work in the SVTI. While faculty may participate in both Tracks One and Two if they wish, they will be compensated only once.

Track One is designed for faculty who would like to gain a wide knowledge of best practices in virtual teaching. Participants will take the CSU Office of the Chancellor’s virtual course “Introduction to Online Teaching with QLT,” an asynchronous course which has been taken by thousands of CSU faculty and which covers the carefully developed and empirically-based Quality Teaching and Learning (QLT) standards and rubric for virtual courses. The course spans 21 days, and requires approximately 20 to 25 hours of work (about 60 to 90 minutes per day). “Introduction to Online Teaching with QLT” will be offered three times: From June 15 to July 5; from July 6 to July 26; and from August 3 to August 23. Placement in these three periods is first-come, first-served, and participants are required to earn a completion score of 85% to receive the $1,000 compensation. 

Track Two is designed for faculty who already have knowledge of and experience with best practices in virtual teaching. Faculty who choose this track will participate in one or more of up to twenty different Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) whose purpose will be to develop knowledge, best practices, and resources on topics related to virtual teaching. These FLCs will be faculty-originated and led by CSUSB faculty facilitators who will receive $2,000 for developing and leading an FLC. If you have an idea for an FLC that you would like to facilitate, we invite you to submit a proposal here by the end of Tuesday, June 9.

To help you prepare the submission, please see the proposal’s questions at the bottom of this email. Up to 20 FLCs with a target minimum size of 10 faculty each will be funded, and will be selected by a committee composed of faculty representatives from each college and the three of us. A call for FLC participants (each of whom will receive $1,000 upon completion of FLC deliverables) will follow within two weeks. Faculty are free to participate in more than one FLC, but will not receive additional funding.

Lastly, we would like to note that LinkedIn Learning (which is available free to all CSUSB faculty via MyCoyote>My Employment), has tutorials and entire short courses on techniques and tools which can be helpful to skillful virtual teaching, such as “Learning to Teach Online,” “Blackboard Essential Training,”  “Teaching Online: Synchronous Classes,” and “E-learning Essentials: Instructional Design.” 

The Summer Virtual Teaching Institute is for all CSUSB faculty - we hope you will seize this opportunity to further develop your virtual teaching skills!